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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Boyz: 5 weeks old

At this age the pups remind me of spring lambs. They gallop and bounce. Well, let's face it, they gambol! I love that word.

Among all my boring video clips of puppies cavorting; this one cracked me up. Watch at 4 seconds into the video as Spot (front of screen) and Little Blaze (back right of screen) bounce at the same time!

Our mornings go like this now:
  • try and wake up before the pups
  • tippy-toe around as not to wake them
  • get to them before they spread poo around the pen, themselves and the toys
  • take them outside
  • watch them poo and pee
  • run around with them to make them tired
  • feed them
  • take them outside to watch them poo and pee
  • play with them
  • pray they go to sleep so that I can get dressed

  • Each pup is starting to show his own personality. I try to imagine them in their new homes but actually can only imagine them all staying here right now. They are so cute and make us laugh. I know that in another 3 weeks I will be ready to let them go but right now we are enjoying them to the fullest.

    We had a little celebration for Zaz's Agility Championship over the weekend. It was a good puppy socialization party also! The next 3 weeks are all about trying to get the Boyz socialized and exposed to as much as possible. The puppy pen changes again and we add a solid crate bottom to start crate training. Next week we add the top to give them a feeling of a real crate. By 7.5 weeks we will add a second crate and the doors will go on be shut at night and for short naps during the day. Hopefully by the time they leave they will be accustomed to sleeping in their crates. I can't guarantee no screaming but at least it is a start!

    I cannot believe the World Championships are next week. I am looking forward to them but sad to leave the pups. I know Johanna will look after them well but I also know they will change so much in those 5 days and I will miss it! I am hoping that when I return I will know whether I am keeping one of the Boyz....

    Here they are at 5 weeks old:


    Little Blaze

    Full Collar

    Big Blaze

    Sunday, September 25, 2011

    The Boyz: Week 4

    Four weeks old is such an in-between age. No longer infants but not yet active for very long. They are cute though! Luckily they still give me time to do other things but I know this will change after 5 weeks.

    The pups are getting trips outside now and love to climb on things, wrestle with each other, eat and sleep. The boys definitely seem to play-fight more than my girls have. Of course let's not forget pee and poo; I need more newspaper and paper towels.


    Little Blaze

    Full Collar

    Big Blaze

    At 4.5 weeks the puppy pen changes again and the pups get a nice comfy snuggle bed. I feel bad for them because Zen will not lay down for them anymore. If she feeds them she will stand to allow them to nurse while standing on their back legs for about 2 minutes and then she runs away from the sharp teeth! They also spend alot of time in the kitchen behind a baby gate so they have lots of room to run around (and pee and poo!)

    Saturday, September 17, 2011

    The Boyz: Week 3

    The first 3 weeks is an easy time for me; there is not much to do other than observe the pups and handle them as much as possible. The pups are moved full time into the living room and we take little "day" trips into other rooms. Three weeks is an in-between time where I want to start playing with them but really they are still infants. I find my sheltie pups are slow maturing compared to some of the Border collie litters I have observed at the same ages.

    This will give you an idea of what they do on their little outings.

    This is what their puppy pen looks like at 3 weeks old. I try and change the pen around every week; adding toys and things to climb on. They love to climb on things at this age. So I add lots of musical toys to their pens for them to climb on and experience strange noises and movement. The baby toys hanging over them are simply to get them used to things moving over their heads.

    My fancy puppy box is made by Dennis out of cardboard and I love its flexibility. He raised it up on a pallet so that there is a clear delineation between the box and the pen; this is useful for future housebreaking. We can cut it down or add ramps as needed and then throw it out after the pups are gone. The pups are funny at this age tumbling down the little ramp and amazing me when they can get back up it again. Dennis added some sandpaper pads to give the ramp some grip and the pups already know how to use it. I know the rumours will start about how I am teaching them their 2on/2off positions on the ramp already...but really we are going directly to running contacts so I must make the ramp longer....they keep hitting their heads on the pen when they run down full speed...(joking just joking)

    The boyz are still like little guinea pigs. They are hard to photograph because they are so low to the ground and all my photos end up looking like big black blobs! Here are some of my better photos so you can meet "The BoyZ" at 3 weeks old.

    SPOT: He is adorable and little but hard to photograph without making him look like a startled mouse.

    Little Blaze:

    Full Collar:

    Big Blaze:

    Zen is still an attentive mom at this age but teeth will be coming soon and that will be the end of her mothering love! Itzy is waiting to take over; she is so sweet and gentle with the pups. Itzy could make you cry with her sweetness!

    Sunday, September 11, 2011

    Agility Champion Obay Itz Got Pizzazz "ZAZ"

    No fanfare, no laps of honour; just a hug from the judge and now my dog is an Agility Champion. Words can't describe how proud I am of my little Zaz.

    At Prestbury Park on 4 Sept 2011 Zaz won the small Championship final, received her third Championship Certificate and became an Agility Champion.

    Monday, September 05, 2011

    Zen and her Boyz: two weeks old

    The first two weeks have gone quickly. Now Zen is totally in control and the best mom to her boyz. Zen makes it easy for us during the first few weeks. All I have to do is pick them up and cuddle them, do some neurological stimulation and weigh them to make sure they are gaining.

    We take photos but basically they are just groups of puppies in different formations.

    Once and awhile they do something cute.

    Really 1 week old sheltie pups are not that pretty!

    Little Blaze is the most handsome only because his eyes opened earlier and his ears are starting to drop sooner.

    Spot is really kind of ugly right now but in a cute way.

    Big Blaze and Full Collar.

    They are starting to look around a little and once their ears open in a few days they will be much more active.

    The pups were wormed for the first time. Yucky pink Drontal!

    I have moved the pups from the spare bedroom into the living room now. The first two weeks are all about keeping Zen calm so that she can take care of her pups in peace. The next 6 weeks are about enjoying the pups and getting them used to everyday life. And maybe some training in there also....just maybe...