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Monday, July 05, 2010

Lune and Barrow 2010 and hey we are going to the World champs again!

We have just returned from a nice relaxing long week up at Lune and Barrow Agility show in the Lake District. The Lake District is so beautiful and an amazing place for long walks with gorgeous views. The fact that we can do two long weekends of agility as well makes it a perfect holiday for me!

I will have better photos taken by Dennis with the real camera when he sorts through them. But for now these are photos taken with my I-phone!

Itzy posing.

Dennis taking photo of Itzy posing! LOL

We borrowed a Murphy-dog to walk with us up on Gummers How. The shelties love when he comes along and he is the perfect sheltie exercise machine! Everyone needs a Murphy.

Dennis and I arrived on Friday to set up the caravan and began competing on Saturday. Both pups did great but Itzy was the star of the day. She had 3/3 clears and 3 first places to well and truly moveup to Grade 4. The day finished quickly but we were tired already after 9 runs with 3 dogs that day! But back into Nancy's car we went to drive down to the World Championship Try-outs which were on Sunday. After a quick sleep in the B&B Zen and I and Nancy and Niamh competed at the try-outs hoping to get a spot on the team heading to Germany in October.

The courses did not really suit Zen and I as they were quite straight forward courses overall. So I was concerned that we would not make the team as there were quite a few fast border collies in contention also. Luckily Zen pulled if off again and, at the end of the day, we were picked to run medium team and individual for the World Agility Championships 2010 in Germany.

What can I say but that I am in awe of my little Zen. She just helps me along every step of the way. This will be her 6th time competing for Team GB (4x world Champs and 2x European Open). She has qualified for the team everytime we have attended the try-outs. I would run out of words if I tried to describe how amazing this dog is. My little Zen-Star.

Well done to Nancy and Niamh for their first time trying out for the Team GB. I don't think Nancy had the experience that she was hoping for but, at the end of the day, she and Niamh had some good solid runs and they certainly looked like they belonged there.

We stayed up at Lune and Barrow for the rest of the week. The week flew by and it was so nice to have so many runs each day for all three dogs. I think on one day I had 12 runs total! Zaz came into her own at Barrow at her first weekend at Grade 4. She won a Grade 1-7 and this put her up to Grade 5 on her first day competing at Grade 4! We recorded quite a few runs but here are two runs of Zaz and Itz's that I thought were cute. They got 1st and 2nd in this class.

The blog will be quiet now for a few weeks. We are off to wedding and holiday in Jamaica. Then a quick trip from Jamaica up to New York for another wedding. Incredibly as soon as we get back to England Zen and I leave again for the long drive to the Czech Republic for the European Open. It will be a whirlwind three weeks. I am looking forward to returning and enjoying our amazing new house after the EO. We want to finally sit down to relax and enjoy the house and garden!