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Saturday, March 01, 2008

The nesting stage

I took Zen's tempeture for the first time on Friday; I usually start the temp taking one week before. So now it begins to feel serious! Poor Zen just sees the thermometer in my hand and tries to hide.

So I am in my nesting stage! We set up her whelping box and this started me off on a cleaning/clearing out spree! The charity shops should love me as I brought them bags and bags of stuff. I mean just how many "dog" towels do I need? And don't get me started on how many duffel bags, tote bags, briefcases and pieces of luggage we have hidden all over the place! Off to the charity shop for them!

One minute I look at Zen and she seems huge and the next time I look she doesn't seem big. So I really don't know how many pups are in there; we will know soon enough. My sister is now not allowed to have one until she learns her sheltie colour genetics...she mentioned last night that she didn't want to pick out a new collar for the puppy until she knew what colour it would be!hahahahahahahaha If a sable pup pops out of Zen we are in big trouble! And the Kennel club might have some strong words to say to me.

While we were on the phone talking about colours of puppies; Zen came over and handed me her skunk toy. So I decided it was a sign and if by some strange chance Zen has a black and white puppy... it is mine! (dont' worry guys it is highly unlikely!)

We are expecting Johanna and Marianne tonight and really looking forward to seeing them both along with the gorgeous sheltie One. They are bringing two BLUE dogs with them also (BC Spooky and sheltie Biscuit) but we won't discuss the fact that there will be blue dogs in my house. Yuck! ;-)


Karen said...

Thats such a lovely picture of Joy and her friends, MMM I have a bit of a thing about hordeing dog towels so if you want any more......just ask :0)

Sarah and Leslie said...

Well they will just have to send their lovely blue dogs here then instead! Have fun with the nesting and it would be great if Zen had a black and white!?!?!?

Hudsondoglets said...

Ah, poor Zennie. Shame she hasn't got one of those new microchips that you can read the temperature from!

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

My Mum's ready for Matron duty any time of day or night just call :)

Mark said...

Good luck with Zen, it is all very exciting .... Unfortunately it looks like my Blossom has had a false pregnancy, Im gutted but most important thing is that she is great in herself (on a strict diet now) and plus she is sporting a coat with no skirt and trousers! bless.
Really looking forward in seeing pictures of the little ones and will be following their progress.... Im really interested in Sheltie colours and it would be a wow if she has a black n white one...everything crossed here for you..
Marie Douglas x

OBay Shelties said...

Oh Marie I am sorry about Blossom! RU sure? I know I always wait to shave them until they are practically in labour just for that reason! :-)

Mark said...

Well, when I trimmed her she was nesting etc thus I thought I was okay to trim her, maybe a little premature now I come to think of it:O) Mark thinks she looks dead cool with her haircut, she seems to have an embarrassed look about her *giggle* ....she is producing milk now whereas a couple of days ago it was a clear secretion, there is no discharge from you know where, so Im sure (plus the vet) that it is a false one:O( it will be her 72 day tomorrow (a point of no return me thinks) What Im confused about is that with her other seasons preceding the one where she got mated, she didnt have any signs of phantoms....very strange *shrug* ? never mind, no reason why we cant try again. She only mated the once as it was right before Christmas so we couldnt afford the time to travel to the stud more than once but it was a good tie though...next time she is going for a holiday for a few days to the stud :O)) bless her heart such a lovely dog...Im just glad that I know its all over with and now we can move on if you know what I mean. Blossy's training had been very inconsistent so Im going to try and get some serious training in with her now.
How is Zen now ? has the panting started yet ? so exciting I bet your beaming from ear to ear...cant wait to read your blog to read about the happy event..
oops sorry about the long reply