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Monday, March 03, 2008

Invasion of the Danes

Johanna and Marianne have arrived from Denmark. They got in late on Saturday and you would think they would sleep late on Sunday! Not!

We did some training on an evil course designed by Johanna on Sunday afternoon. I have some videos of this and will try to post later. I tell you these Europeans know how to set up a fun course; even though none of us could get around it on the first try! Johanna worked Tazz for the first time since he has been with me since August. I think she was happy with his new contacts and start line stays which Tazz has been working hard at. But old habits are hard to break! I have good confidence that Tazz can do perfect contacts at Crufts on Thursday. Go Tazzy stud man!

Afterwards we did a nice walk to the pub. I took Pax and Hob-b,the two sable bark-alots. Lisa and Tony took Griz the perfect lurcher.

And Johanna took Spooky the Rare blue merle "Danish Hoover-nose Hound". Those Hoover-nose Hound dogs are very rare and they are in great demand in the agility world. I think if he produced medium sized "Danish Blue Hoover Hounds" that there would be a major crisis in the FCI. What would they do? They might have to ban any breeding of them!

The girls got some great exercise chasing Grizz the lurcher and Spooky the hoover- nose hound. With 3 extra dogs in the house; it is good to try and give the girls some extra exercise to mellow them out. No matter how good all the dogs are it is stressful to have so many dogs together. So I think each dog needs some extra attention.

I have met Emmy's blue sheltie boy Biscuit. He is a lovely boy and I would like to get to know more of him. Unfortunately he peed on Johanna's leg and my couch so he has been put in doggie detention! haha. Overall though he seems such a calm well behaved dog and a pleasure to have around. Funny thing though he stands on his back legs alot! Must be all that Doggie Dancing training! I hope to get some photos of him today.

In the evening we had a little game of Pictionary which was won by the Danes; but I am not sure there was not cheating going on... I must brush up on my Danish in order to find out! This was followed by a BBQ dinner by the master BBQ man Tony. Yum!

I love having the Danes come over as they bring such good pressies! I love pressies! What else would they bring but OBAY BEER! Yes, that is Zen on the bottle (figuratively and literally!)

Thanks to Lisa for these photos. You can go on Chi's blog to learn more about Danish Beer.

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Nanna Holt Kjær (Shetla) said...

Here's some Danish to brush up on: Vil du være sød at kramme Johanna fra mig og ønske hende uendeligt meget held og lykke til Crufts. Nyd det, Johanna!

P.S. Please stop writing about all the walks you do to pubs, it makes me miss England sooo much ;-)
P.P.S. Best wishes to the tipsy little momma-to-be