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Monday, March 10, 2008

Crufts 2008 and puppies

Well Crufts 2008 is over. I cannot say I had the most successful Crufts or even enjoyed being there. One main reason for that; not at all related to my dog's results or performance! I don't want to get into the reasons as they are upsetting but I am more upset that I allowed someone else to ruin my special day with my special dog.

Here is a video of one of Hex's runs. She did really well for her first time at Crufts; I couldn't be more proud of her. She ended up in 2nd place in this run; just behind her litter brother Indy! Damn I keep getting beat by my own dogs! :-)

Indy went on to win the Small Crufts Agility Championships! I think this Crufts was meant to be successful for all the OBay Sheltie BOYS! Here is a video of Indy's (aka The Pocket Rocket!) two champ runs. We left before the finals so do not have the final run on Video; although we got to see the run on TV when we got home! Both Chi and Indy got alot of TV coverage this year! And the Tri-Star ESSC team had most of their runs on TV also!

I always find puppy whelping stressful. I think that I could do this for 50 more years and still worry about mom and pups. So far Zen is doing well but I am worried about one of the girls who is not gaining weight. She is nursing well and seems active but had lost 1 ounce after birth and has not gained anymore. Meanwhile the other three have already gained 3 ounces each!

Here is cute photo I took today.

Thanks to Lisa for watching the babies for me on Sunday. She even slept over on Saturday night to sleep in the room with Zen and pups so that I could have a decent night sleep before Crufts the next day. Lisa has some of Chi's videos on her blog along with some puppy photos. Check out Chi's Blog.

Also check out the Tri-Star Shelties runs in Medium Team finals at Crufts on Lian's Blog.


Hudsondoglets said...

Don't let the buggers get you down; they ain't worth it.

Hex's jumping was brilliant. I'm going to set that course up as April's handling course at club. It could take me several hours to transcribe onto paper though ;)

Indy was a star. It's your own fault for breeding such good dogs and then letting other people having them!

Hoping that the baby girl starts to gain weight very soon.

Love to her new siblings from
the Kizzle (a Crufts veteran!)

Lorna said...

Ah cutty puppy photo :)

Heck those courses were tricky the jumping was like knitting!

Well Done for the 2nd place in the jumping and grrrr to someone for trying to spoil your day.

Lorna x

Lian said...

Don't let those idiots upset you! Just remember, you are the best and all your dogs are the best and we all know OBays are the BEST!!

Well done to you and Sexy Hexy getting 2nd in the Jumping, it was very tricky course, only the OBays can do it!!!

Hope the little girl gains weight, love to meet them soon!! They are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the pups! They look like a nice balanced litter (but that is their mum's name after all!). Zen did much better than either Star or Hob-b!

Also congrats on Hex's jumping round at Crufts. She looked lovely, and Indi, well that was the day he moved from being truely driven to being truely stunning! The courses looked quite difficult and pretty tight in that small arena, especially for the bigger dogs.

The thing that you need to remember when people bitch about you is that it means that you've 'arrived'. If your dogs were no good at agility or you hadn't bred some successful dogs no one would bother to talk about you, so take some comfort from that. Just ignore them - as Nancy says they ain't worth it!


Paula said...

Sorry someone ruined your day but I watched you in the jumping and thought you both did really well.

Aristosmilagros e Shelnergy said...

Congrats to everyone. Obays, you are the best. Wish all the pups good health and best wishes.

Paula said...

Please try not to let other people ruin thngs for you. I saw your run in the jumping an was most impressed.

Karen said...

Ditto dont let any one get to you, we think your the best anyway !!!! Hope the little pups weight starts to increase soon and Brill runs for all the obays competing this year and also the Team was stunning too ! kxx

Mark said...

Awww look at them babies !!!!! they are sooooo cute !
Hope the one giving concern perks up, am sure it will...
yes, dont let folk get you down..I agree the courses were very tricky..You are a great ambassador for the breed of Shelties and you do them proud...