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Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Celebration Agility Show 2008

This post is a bit late; but I have been a little pre-occupied! We didn't camp at the Easter show this year which was a good thing...it snowed! Luckily the small/medium ring was moved indoors as I wouldn't have wanted to be out running in the sleet/rain and snow that they had all weekend. I scribed all day Saturday for Lisa and was happy and warm wrapped in my special Hex skull and cross-bones fleece blanket.

Our friends Tim and Marion are certifiably insane as they camped in a TENT along with Lisa and Tony. At least Lisa had an excuse as she was judging on Sat and competing on Sunday. Tim and Marion don't even have a dog! haha Really hard-core campers! I was glad to go home each day and sleep in my lovely warm bed.

Thank to Tim for videoing Hex for me. He got all of her agility run and half of her jumping run. How fitting as he missed videoing the part of the jumping run where we made a blooper! HaHa I knew I liked Tim! Tim was also impressed with the interesting outfits of the dog people; dog people really know how to dress fashionably don't they?

1 comment:

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Brilliantly executed courses & weren't they nicely designed :)
Tony maintaines that the doggie ppl are far more off this planet than the shooting lot he mixes with - think i have to agree with him!