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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hex's Girl-power harness

Many of you have seen Hex's special "Girl Power" harness. Here she is wearing it at Crufts while being fussed by a pirate child!

Well they now make them in pink! And purple! So I need to buy another one for Zen. Zen is a pink girlie girl unlike Hex who definitely suits Black! Here is the website: K-9 Shop

I am going to make an order but as the shipping is so expensive; I thought I would see if anyone else wanted one and we could share the shipping. Just an idea! I like them because there is just one clip and it is easy to get on and off while on the start line. BTW, you can get a variety of labels to put on it..I like "girl Power" and "crazy dog". They also have "sex machine", "drama queen" and "lover boy" among others! Ha!


Anonymous said...

Pitty you're on that side of the pond, I'd love to get Stamp one that said 'movie star' but I can't fathom what the shipping would be to here, and anyhow, even the small is probably too big for him.


Eleanor said...

I think the Shorthairs would pull me down if I tried to walk them in something like that harness! :-) It is cute, however.

Snoopy said...

If you have time Can you email me Bernadette ? as Im having trouble viewing the site and I would like a purple one for Blossom but was looking at the labels too but its taking forever to view, I have a imac plus a Apple pro lap top but both are having trouble ...Im also using the browsers firefox and safari.... safari I gave up on but firefox gets so far and then it freezes or I need to make dinner and come back and maybe the page has loaded :O)
Blossom is quite small she stands at 12 inches at the shoulder so Im not sure what size etc, anyway my email is paws4marie@mac.com or starsofmars@mac.com many thanks . ps hope little one is doing okay, plus I see she is looking much better than before in terms of filling out etc..bless her. Marie :O)