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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hi Hi Johanna

Just to show off my Danish. Hi-Hi (I not really sure how to spell it!) means Bye-bye in Danish!

Johanna and Marianne left today to head up to Crufts. Johanna is competing tomorrow in agility with One, Tazz and Spooky.. They are picking up Emmy at the Airport on the way up to the NEC. Emmy is competing with her handsome blue sheltie, Biscuit, in the International Freestyle competition on Saturday. I saw a sample of his routine and it looks so very cute!

My house is very quiet and calm tonight which is good for Zen (and for Dennis!) Although Johannas dogs are very well behaved; things are never calm when you have loads of dogs in the house.

Here is a photo of Johanna and the three dogs she is competing with tomorrow at Crufts. Fingers crossed for Tazz, One and Spooky! I ordered Johanna to sit down and let Dennis do a photo of her. It is so hard to get Johanna to smile in photos!!

Johanna got her car packed up and it looked a little full. Marianne and I questioned her about just WHERE Emmy will be sitting when they pick her up from the airport? In her own special Johanna-way, she tried to convince us that there would be loads of room for Emmy AND her luggage. Hmmmmm, we were not convinced and I hope that Marianne gets a photo of the car with Emmy in it! Anyway, here is a photo of the car just before they headed off to pick up Emmy.

And here is the back of the car with all the dogs packed up to go! I just love her new car; it is really cool to have the fixed crates in the back. The dogs are so comfy.

As many of you know, Hob-b is headed back to Denmark to do some showing in the breed ring. Plus, Tazz is headed back home after his 6 month stay with me here in England. So now we are down 2 dogs and it seems really strange just having 4 dogs here. Hob-b will be back; hopefully sporting a new Champion title! Fingers crossed!

Here is the two little-uns getting ready for their great adventure! Ahhh, way too cute!

As for Zen and my own personal Crufts saga......no news yet! Watching and waiting and cannot make any plans! Hex and I will just have to keep paws and fingers crossed that we will get to compete at least one day at Crufts this weekend. The joys of breeding!


Paula said...

Hope you get to go to Crufts but how exciting that Zen's pups are so close to arriving.

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Good luck to Hoblet in the foo foo stakes.
That car sticker is brill - just do it my way!! LOL