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Saturday, March 29, 2008

pups 3 weeks old

Just a few silly photos! We are now opening the box more often and the pups wander up and down the ramp. It is quite a big ramp for little pups!

I like to add different toys each day to keep them seeing new things. It is funny how they approach them.

The Lil' Girl was 11 ounces today. She is now manic for her food which is good but she does some strange things while eating that are worrying. My emotions run up and down with her. (stop reading now if you do not understand what breeders have to go thru....) One moment I feel really positive and think "YES this girl is going to be something special". And the next moment I wonder "Am I doing the right thing?". There is a high chance that she will not be normal. And if the time comes that we realize that she has serious problems; we may have to make a tough decision. I wonder if I should have let nature make the decision; as everyday she grows it will be more difficult to let her go. I have gotten lots of good advice from longtime breeders. Good stories and bad stories; no crystal ball. The fustrating thing is that I can't even take her to the vet; as I do not think they will be able to help at all. How I wish I had a good "breeder" vet around here.


Mary-Anne, Bryce, Jayda and Raven said...

They're too cute!

Would be great (though probably expensive!) if you could find a specialist to take a look at the little one - if there is some sort of defect, perhaps there's something that could be done to repair it permanently.

In any case, I think Lil Girl is here for a reason. She needs to learn whatever she's supposed to learn and teach whatever she's supposed to teach in this life regardless of how much or how little time she will have. Long or short, it will be a life well lived.

Hugs -

Johanna said...

Keep positive! I love the pictures :o) Is it my turn to come and babysit the pups now?????

Christy said...

I so enjoy reading your updates on your puppies. I got my first sheltie a year ago. Piper is a tri color and she was the runt of the liter. I am cheering for your lil girl and hoping for the best. There is a reason she made it this far. I don't envy breeders and the things they go through for their puppies.
I look forward to watching all the puppies grow.
Christy and Piper

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Tell Johanna she has to get in the que to puppy sit & i'm 1st!!
We praying for mouse, fingers crossed etc.....

Paula said...

Nice to see that they have got the hang of two on two off already.