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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The "Big Girl"

We had some names for the puppies when they were born but the name did not suit her. So now she is just the "Big Girl" and I hope it doesn't give her a size complex!

The little girl is still growing and is now tipping the scale at 9 ounces. I wormed the other three pups yesterday but did not worm her as I think she is still too small. The other pups are near 2 lbs each! She is showing a little more interest in the mushed up puppy food; licking a little off our fingers on her own now. She is still way behind the other pups; I can only hope that is due to her bad start and not anything more serious.

The other pups are starting to move around a little. They wake up when I go to the whelping box and call their names "puppy puppy". We have set the pen up around the box in readiness for when they start moving around more. The mobile is set up over their heads but the music box on the mobile has broken; so I need to search the charity stores for a new one. We must have music!

Here are the two girls! Their grand-dad Monty (Toven The Full Monty) has passed on his upside down genes!

Agility-wise things are slow here. We had two weekends of shows where Hex did well but my heart is not in training. This is bad as we have the European Open try-outs in two weeks! So I did take her out today and do 10 minutes of agility. Hex is out of her skin; so keen to get out there. She is a little star and always gives it her all.

So,please, anyone who has some good difficult courses to set...please come and help me do some courses in the back garden! As long as we don't get more heavy rain, the garden is doing OK surface wise. At the same time you can help me socialize some fat puppies!I have a lesson with Lesley on Friday; so I am looking forward to that. And happy that I have no shows this weekend; so fingers crossed the weather will cooperate for me to do some serious training! (well as serious as we can get in agility!)


Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Uncle Tony says he can provide some gr8 music!

Hudsondoglets said...

Keeping my eye out for an evil course! The little one is in our thoughts a lot. The other three look like little bruisers. They make Kizzy look delicate at the same stage and that's saying something!

Mary-Anne, Bryce Jayda and Raven said...

I think that's the first picture you've posted of the big girl right-side-up!

Keep growing, little one...