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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Funny blog

This agility blog really make me laugh! I guess not everyone would find it funny; but I really do! She really captures some funny bits of the American agility world; with it's own idiosyncracies that make it so different from the UK version of agility. It really made me chuckle this morning.

Team Small Dog

I love her logo "Team Small Dog: Small, Fast, Kick Yer Ass".

The little pup still is little but she is very lively. I got some good advice from Diane G and at least have some rational thoughts in my head. Thanks also to Nanna for bouncing some ideas my way. All your good thoughts are appreciated.

She is not the smallest pup I have ever had. Little Drummer was only 3.5 ounces when he was born and luckily he turned out fine. But we have to watch the little ones both now and in the long term. One thing I have to say for this little girl: she loves to eat! Even when all the other pups are laying like fat beached whales off onto the side; she is still attached to Zen and often falls asleep with the nipple in her mouth!


Sarah and Leslie said...

Yeh your right that blog is really funny! Will definatly add it to my must reads!

Nanna Holt Kjær said...

Thanks for link. I was giggling along, and then reached the photo of her on the beach with dogs and... a red handbag... Had me laughing out loud!

And laughing is sooo healthy for you, so thanks :-)

And when it comes to pups in small packages... My Breezy was a mere 85 grams at birth with complete jelly legs... and now she is one very healthily boned girl measuring in at 39,7 cm and 11 kilos.
Shelties! Breeding them is just not for the faint-hearted, eh?!

Paula said...

TSD woman is completely mad, I thought you were bad but she's bonkers and very funny.

I'm Helen said...

I love that blog - I have tears (laughing) at the bit where she says 'Some day I will be fired from dog agility....' I love irreverence....Ta.

I'm Helen said...

More seriously, really glad to hear girly pup is going for it. She'll get there - and be one feisty little thing when she does.

Anonymous said...

Breeding is certainly not an easy job, is it? I bred a couple litters of English Cockers a few decades ago and decided that I just wasn't cut out for it. I have so much respect for those of you who do breed, else where would we get our dogs?

Anonymous said...

Love the Team Small Dog blog, thanks for the link!

team small dog said...

Hey thanks for putting a link to me. I am glad you have cute new sheltie puppies that will someday grow up to beat all my small dogs! It is like a sheltie army out there in small dog world. Of blindingly fast little shelties. Maybe someday we will be on a World Type Team and visit England! Or maybe this is just something we would pretend about and we will just read your blog!