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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Thanks Eleanor

My friend Eleanor mentioned recently that she was looking at some old photos of our littermates Joy and Dash. Yes these were actual PHOTOS pre-digital era! As most of my photo albums are back in New York I asked her to scan a few of Joy as a puppy. She sent me these the other day and I just cried when I saw them. I still cannot believe she has been gone for over a year. I miss her.

This was our Christmas photo 1992 when Joy was just 6 months old. In the photo (L to R) are Noel (my first sheltie), Holly (Joy's mom), Joy and Tess (our rescue GSP).

This was the 1st birthday party for Joy and her three litter-mates. In the photo my nephew Patrick is trying to hold them all together. Gosh he looks so young! (L to R) Brandi, Bell, Joy, Holly and Dash. We had such a good day at their birthday party! That was a fantastic litter to have as my 1st ever sheltie litter. Not only were they great dogs but they had great owners who became great friends. How lucky I have been to have such special people own my dogs. Happily, Bell and Dash are still around and will be 16 in May.

And finally our Christmas card in 1993. As soon as we would have our first snow of the year I would rush Dennis outside to take our Christmas photo for that year! You couldn't tell from the photo but Tess was afraid of cameras! She came to us at around 6 years old and she was a stray so we do not know her background. I figured her previous owners must have been over-zealous photo takers.....hmmm. Haha!


Hudsondoglets said...

Lovely photos. So many memories.

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Look how photogenic Joy was, right from the start she's posing for the camera - wot a gal!

Eleanor and Dash said...

Wow, that was a fun day. I think the birthday cake was some sort of carrot cake...? In any case, Dash ate so much he threw up the next day. Still, probably the BEST doggie b-day party ever. The huamn food was divine, too. Grilled swordfish and steak, I think.