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Friday, March 07, 2008

ESSC Tri-Stars

ESSC Tri-stars got 2nd in the medium team semi-finals!!! They are thru to the finals this afternoon! Fingers crossed and I hate getting the results thru as texts! I wanna be there! Waaaaaaaah!

They were beat by those darn medium blue merle border collies. Come on shelties you can win the finals!!!

I heard that Lisa's run with Chi was awesome! I so cannnot wait to see the video. Right now I am anxiously awaiting the news of Chi's run in the Crufts singles.

Lisa and Johanna are useless:they are both saying that their batteries are running out on their mobile phones. Do you think they are tired of hearing from me?? :-)

Here is a photo of the TriStar team when we qualifed for Crufts back in July. We were certainly the most coordinated team! Next year we need to find a sponsor so that we have matching jackets for Crufts. We got let down this year, so have to start asking around as soon as we qualify. (Yes I am postive we will qualify again! PMA~!)

And,yes, I am slighly going stir crazy at home which is why this post sounds a bit manic!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like they're doing great!

What a bummer for you sitting it out, but at least it's for a good and positive reason.


Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

It was gr8 fun we were an awesome team & looked very smart in our specially designed tops c/o Karen. Now it's my turn to go stur crazy waiting for Champ results as i'm here puppy sitting while Hex & U do you stuff! aaah!!