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Monday, October 08, 2007

Zen's Last Day at the World Champs 2007

Team GB went into Sunday with only 4 dogs in contention for an individual medal. The rest of us had mistakes or elimination on Friday so we were just running for the glory! HA!

The rest of this blog post is shameless bragging and a video of Zen; so feel free to skip if you don't want to read that sort of stuff! I will resume with more reporting on everyone else later!

Individual Medium Agility was first thing in the morning. Since Zen and I were eliminated on Friday; we were running pretty early in the running order. Much more like I am used to! The course was interesting and had a nice amount of difficulty; so I was really looking forward to running it and showing what Zen could do. Other than over handling the weaves (but still got applause!) I think we did really well. Again, it felt effortless and before I knew it we were over that last jump and the World Champs were over for us. Boo-hoo!

Zen's results:

  • Team Agility: 3rd fastest dog out of all medium team dogs from all countries

  • Team Jumping: 2nd fastest dog out of all medium team dogs from all countries

  • Individual Agility: 3rd fastest dog out of all medium individual agility runs.

  • OVERALL FASTEST double clear out of all Medium Team dogs from all countries!

OBay Shelties results:

  • Unique (OBay Truly Unique) was 1st in Small team jumping out of all countries!

  • Indy (OBay Truly Driven) was 2nd in Small team jumping!

  • Unique was 2nd in Small team agility which made him OVERALL FASTEST double clear out of all small team dogs from all countries!

All three OBay shelties competing looked great! With Zen and Unique only just 4 years old and Indy only 2 years old; I am sure we will see some of them on the podium in years to come!

Here is Zen's final run. Yes I know she broke her stay but I was ready for it! haha!

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Karen said...

ooohh that made me go all goose bumpy she is soo cool, well done :0))