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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Large Team Bronze!

Yes the Japanese man did run with with his head band!

Team GB supporters in full cheer!

Team GB couldn't rest on Saturday after our Medium team silver! We still had the Large dogs to run their team jumping last thing on Saturday. They went into the last run lying in 4th place due to an unusual mistake from Kite and Toni on the pause table in Agility. Could they move up into the medals?

I think Greg was worried!

And I think Steve was worried!

Toni doing some awesome handling! This move has puzzled me a bit; I must ask Toni to explain!

The large dog jumping course was great for our Large team. It required those tight turns that Lee, Toni and Greg are known for! The team Large ran and they put in three great clears; but they required someone from another team to make a mistake!

I love this photo of Steve after the last GB dog ran clear.

Team USA ran third from the end and put in three fast clears that moved them into first. OK now we really needed someone to make a mistake! Thankfully a dog from Team Russia got three refusals and made themselves eliminated! Team GB was guaranteed the bronze!

Then we watched Team Denmark run; they did not put a foot wrong and put in the three fast clears that guaranteed them the gold. Denmark Gold, USA Silver and Great Britain Bronze! My three favorite countries would be on the same podium! I think Johanna was happy!

Team GB Management was happy! I hope Steve was signalling TWO medals and not something rude!

Again the running around the stadium is always the best! Great time for candid photo; but these large team members just do NOT know how to pose! And couldn't they have removed their numbers? ha! I made sure to brush my hair and put on lipstick before my photos!

I wrapped Toni in the flag to hide her number bib!

And following that FINALLY was the dancing! (Check out Lisa and Chi's blog for a rendition of our favorite Gnome song; it always plays at the WCs and I cannot hear it without getting goose bumps!)

It was so damn funny to see Dave Alderson dancing his little socks off. Now I know why Sharon calls him "laughing boy"! We had to finally drag Dave off the floor as we wanted to go back to the hotel and eat.

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Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Not only a head bandgae but a leg bandages too!!
The dancing is the next bestest bit after the winning :)