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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday morning in Lillehamar

After surviving the coach trip we had exactly one morning free on Thursday morning to recover. Our team vet check and measuring and team practice was scheduled for late afternoon; so we had until around noon to check out around the hotel.

As usual, Zen just wanted to sleep in! She is NOT a morning type of girl.

We made her go with us for a long hike around the hotel and took a chance to get some photos by the lake.

I guess this area is very popular in the winter for cross country skiing; but in September it is DEAD and quite strange. Dennis found this tire swing thing and had to try it out! He is such a boy!

The morning went really quickly and that was our only chance for any recreation. Before we knew it we were off to the venue for our vet checks and training. Back into the bus for the 1 hour ride to the venue.....more about that later!

1 comment:

Andy & Nancy said...

Looks like Dennis had more fun than everyone else!

Zen looks so beautiful in those photos. Her beauty has passed on to her gorgeous little daughter - the bad sheltie called Kizzle! It's a shame Kizzle and Todd are so closely related they could have made ultra-gorgeous sheltlets!

Nice that you got this little 'window' to chill before the competition started.