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Sunday, October 21, 2007

A sad goodbye to Drummer


15 Sept 1996 - 11 Oct 2007

I just recieved the news this weekend that little Drummer passed away. Drummer was one of Joy's babies and Pax's litter brother. He was the cutest tiniest puppy I have ever had; he only 3.5 ounces when he was born. I remember my Mom seeing him as a puppy just a few days old and crying because he was so small. I kept telling her that he was small but he was just perfectly healthy. Even so she kept putting him back on Joy to nurse even though he had a belly full already!

Drummer was always full of himself and thought he was alot bigger than he was. I think he was only about 5-6 weeks old when he started to lift his leg like a full grown male dog! He was a gorgeous bright red sable ball of fluff; just everything was in miniature.

I had brought him with me to an Obedience trial because someone from out of state was interested in one of the pups. The lady decided she liked Drummer but he was too small for obedience. She really wanted Pax; but that was certainly not an option! So there was no puppy for her and I was really suprised that she turned down Drummer. It turns out that was an act of God because at the same show was the Scappichio family. The family was there because their mother competes in obedience. Little 5 year old Lindsey saw the pups and started playing with them and ,of course, she fell in love with Drummer. I really hesistated selling a puppy to a 5 year old! But I knew her mother and I thought it was worth a chance.

It was a very good choice because Lindsey and Drummer made the cutest team together. She learned how to train him and she handled him all by herself in obedience and agility. I have come to the point in my dog career that titles don't mean a whole lot to me anymore. But each obedience title and agility title that Drummer got was special because it was earned by a dog and his child. I think I started tearing up everytime I saw Drummer work with Lindsey.

I haven't seen Drummer for a few years now. Unfortunately it turns out that he developed Cushings disease and this is what eventually caused his death. My heart breaks for Lindsey losing her first dog and her buddy way too young. Drummer just turned 11 years old.


Lorna said...

Run Free Drummer :) Sounds like he had a lovely life.

Lorna x

Hudsondoglets said...

It's so hard for the one left behind but how lucky that they two found each other and had such a wonderful time. Our thoughts and best wishes go to Lindsey at this sad time.

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

That's so special that Lindsey and Drummer had their time together.