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Friday, October 05, 2007

Forgot a few things!

Dennis reminded me of an important fact that I left out of my Friday account! On Friday morning 3 am......the fire alarm went off in the hotel! That was why we were all so tired on Friday morning and didn't run well.... Well that is MY excuse and I am sticking to it! HA!

I think everyone did the same thing and jumped out of bed looking to turn their alarm clock off. But it wasn't the alarm clock it was an old fashioned alarm bell in the rooms that sounded really strange. The alarm went off for about 45 seconds so most of us looked out our windows and down the halls ; saw nothing and went back to bed.. Dennis took a walk around the hotel and came back saying their was nothing so go back to bed.

3 minutes later our bus driver comes banging on all our doors saying "out" Out" "OUT" in a funny welsh accent. So it seems that it the bus drivers feel that it is their responsibility to get us out in emergency. This is the same bus driver that tried to play a practical joke on us and tell us that our ferry was cancelled and we would be stuck for an additional 12 hours at the ferry port! We were very impressed with him. NOT!

Anyway after a half hour later standing outside in the cold in Norway, the hotel guy comes out and says someone pulled the alarm and there is no fire. Back to bed....for about an hour. Yeah nice way to start the competition!

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Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

I think the idea soem of the other team mates came up with was good - you shoulda set the alarm off again when you left at 6 that morning to wake up the slumbering nurses who let the alram off inthe night!