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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Off to New York

We are off to New York tomorrow. Dennis' mom had a fall while I was in Norway (and Dennis didn't tell me as he did not want to worry me). So we got some flights out and are headed back to see her. She is being transferred today from the hospital into a rehab center; so at least she will be getting some positive therapy. She is so active so this must be hard for her. Even though she is 83; she is active, drives, travels and play BINGO every week!

So I am leaving my dogs again! Boo-hoo! Luckily Lisa is around and will be taking good care of them. Although I think Pax wants to go back to her special home with Tim and Marion! For the first time in her life she was an only dog and I think she enjoyed herself thoroughly.

Good luck to Lisa at the Supadogs Finals this weekend! You go girl!

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Karen said...

Hope Dennis's mum is ok safe trip kx