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Monday, October 08, 2007

The End of the World Champs 2007

After Zenny ran her last course in the morning; I could now relax! We took Zen for a nice walk down to the lake and I could let her run without worrying she would hurt herself! Up until the Worlds I have been keeping her wrapped in cotton wool as to not risk any injury. So many dogs had been coming up lame or injured before hand!

After this I was able to sit down in the GB supporter area and just watch and support! Although that is very stressful in itself! You feel as if you are running every course with every team member. Phew!

Dawn was the only small left with anything to play for. She ended up running 10th from the end. She put in a fantastic agility run but the 10th in jumping and 7th in agility put her in 7th overall. So close!

Then it was the Large dogs turns. Sue Rolf had nothing to lose; she went for every tight turn and put in a fantastic clear. She must have been thrilled. She was 9th in the Large individual agility!

Dave put in a clear with Spice but I don't think his heart was in it. Spice's ears were certainly working overtime in this photo!

Greg went in guns blazing with GT; he was running like mad! He almost send GT over a wrong course but corrected himself! He was really going for it and had the fastest split time up to that point. Then when GT dropped a bar you could just see Greg physically slow down and he just trained his A-frame and sauntered off the course! It was a great run to watch!

This photo of Greg and GT cracks me up. It is right after he gets lost on course and you can see him laughing!

There were only three dogs and handlers who were playing for a podium place. Lauren and Popi were looking so good until a brick came out of the wall. Damn! Then Lee and Shy put in a really good round; just not fast enough. A 32nd in Jumping and a 23rd in agility put them 13th overall. Not too bad!

Finally it was down to Toni and Kite. She was lying in 6th going into the agility; so she could definitely do it! She put in such a tight opening and then disaster; a wrong end of a tunnel. This is the part where just a little luck would have helped! But luckily Toni, Greg and Lee were still getting their Bronze medal in team.

So that was it except for the closing ceremony and the prize givings! I got Zen brushed up (well as much as I could considering she was bald) and brushed my hair and we were off to the closing ceremony! First they paraded us in by country and then they did some crazy Norwegian dancing and music; again cute but would have rather enjoyed a doggy type activity. Then they did the prize giving. Enjoy the photos!


please notice how neat the Americans and their dogs and the danish and their dogs are standing. sigh.....can't get these brits to pose!

Then it was our turn!


We pose better than the large handlers!

I will NEVER complain about trophies again! I am so thrilled to win a SILVER MEDAL....uhhhhh........not quite. This was my "silver medal"!

OK stop laughing! Yes it is a wooden Aframe; about the size of my hand. Oh well I did this for the glory not the trophy....HA!

I will post more photos later and tell all about the loooooong journey home! At least we had something to celebrate!


Andy & Nancy said...

Yep, the medium team are definitely better posers!!! Tee hee!

Some great results and some bad luck in other cases.

Thanks again for the brilliant reporting.

Karen said...

Well done again one and all brilliant account of the trip kx