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Friday, April 25, 2008

Remembering Bell

O'Bay Christmas Bell
4 May 1992-25 April 2008

Today my sister Terry and my nephew Patrick had to say good-bye to Bell. Bell was Joy's litter sister and one of four pups from my very first sheltie litter. Bell would have been 16 next week.

I know that Bell lived a charmed life; she was bright and healthy and loved. It still hurts and brings back my sadness over losing Joy last year. That was one special litter; each of them had so much personality. Even the one pup, Brandi, who went into a non-working home still had the attitude that made him stand out to all who met him. Now it is just Dasher left out of the litter of 4. I know that he also is being spoiled and loved and Eleanor is cherishing his short time left.

Bell was the smallest of that litter. She was such a cute puppy and her small size never held her back. She ruled the house and all who came into her kingdom. She had a rock solid temperment; a great drive to work and a noisy sheltie bark. My kind of sheltie! I have so many memories of Bell with Patrick and then with Terry. Terry took over her obedience training after Patrick found sports more interesting. Although Bell was a great obedience dog and worked lovely for Terry; once she returned home she only had eyes for Patrick. She was totally devoted to him and made him feel like a King whenever he returned home.

I wish I had my photos of Bell here in England; but they are all back home in NY. (pre-digital era). This is my only other photo that has Bell in it. Bell is the little one in the middle; with her brother Dash on her right and Joy on her left.

All my love to Terry, Brian, Patrick and Sean. There will certainly never be another Bell; she was one of those extra special ones.


Johanna said...

A special litter and a lovely girl with a great personality. Sweet dreams Bell.

Lorna said...

Oh bless her, what a lovely life she had. Thinking of you all.

Lorna x

Eleanor and Dasher said...

Time is relentless and not always kind. But what a wonderful litter that all four lived at least 14 years! I miss Joy and now Bell so much. And I miss Joy's one-time training partner, Sage. It never gets any easier to loose a wonderful, devoted comapnion. My deepest sympathy to Patrick and Terry. Words are never adequate.

Paula said...

It's never easy to say Goodbye to an old friend and you never forget them. What a fantastic litter they all sound.

Patrick said...

Thanks for your kind words. So you all know. Bell when very peacefully. It was time, and I truely belive she knew that as well. When I could hold her in my arms with out her struggling to get down to play something was definitely wrong. She gave me one more kiss goodbye before peacefully falling sleep due to the sedative. I will never forget her.

Lian said...

sweet dreams, Bell.