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Monday, April 14, 2008

5 week puppy fun

The pups are starting to take more of my time now. I have it really tough having to play with puppies all day! :-)

The pups had a great weekend with Dennis. I was away both saturday and sunday at agility shows(more about that later) and I am very blessed that Dennis is so supportive and so good with the pups. He tolerates me reminding him constantly before I leave about what he needs to do to keep the pups active and socialized. And then I grill him when I get back about every little move the puppies made! He takes lots of photos and video to keep me happy and not too sad about leaving them. Really it is good for me to leave them so that they can bond with Dennis (also known as a man!)

Dennis has given the pups a great socialization weekend. They had their first time in a crate, their first car ride and their first trip out of the house to the office. They went to the petrol station and the rubbish tip. (in both places they stayed in the car but he opened the boot so they could listen and see the goings-on.

Pups in the crate and the car crate.

Outdoor time.

A visit by Uncle Tim. We make all our guests sit on the floor; we are very good hosts! hahaha

A really special computer "mouse" pad.

Office fun.

We spend loads of money on puppy toys!

The sit-n-spin is the latest addition to my puppy training arsenal! Unfortunately it doesn't spin as easily as I thought; so mainly it is a climbing toy.

I will try and get proper individual photos of each pup this week but for now here are a few candid photos.



Fat Head:



Karen said...

ooooooooohhhhhhhhh they are all soooooo cute :0) ha iwant iwant :0)

Angela said...

....and me and me!

Paula said...

Little Mouse seems to have really caught up, seeing the cute puppy pictures almost makes me want a sheltie, well maybe in a few years I may be a full convert.;)

Well done on getting into the European team too.

Johanna said...

MINE ALL MINE!!!!! :o)
And well done on the EO tryouts!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOO.


Very cute!!!!

Hudsondoglets said...

Lovely photos, keep them coming.

All those newspapers are still sitting in my van - how many times did I remind you on Sunday!!!!

Anonymous said...

The growing pups are so cute..Linford Looks very much like my tri-sheltie, Nova.

Shanice & Nova