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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Less Musical pups 3.5 weeks old

I did get some video of the other pups today. It is not easy! They are not really that exciting now; just cute! They move in slow motion and fall over alot. ha! The other pups tried their hand on the piano but just were not as musical as the Lil' Mouse!

The weather has warmed up and I took the opportunity to get the pups outside for the first time. They handled it well and I will try and do more this weekend if the weather cooperates. I like to get them outside into a puppy pen as much as possible. We have lots of vehicle traffic in front of our house so it is good for the pups to be hearing this.

This video won't be very exciting for most blog readers! Instead I think Terry and Christine will be watching intently and hope they enjoy.


Jo & Brian said...

They are soooooo cute.

Anonymous said...

Aaaw they are all so cute.

Ally in Surrey

Christy said...

That is really fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Thank you:-) watched intently many times. So cute and enjoyed, their expedition around all toys. Can't wait to meet them all next week.

Hugs to puppies and of course mummy Zen

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

ROFLOL! And who's the little escapie at the end?