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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Growing puppies

The week has flown by. Dennis is still away (he is back this afternoon) so I have not gotten any good video or photos. The pups wake up and I take them out to play with them and the next thing I know they are curled up asleep. There are only so many cute asleep photos I can deal with!

The pups got an extra special visit with Karen and Todd this week. Karen is like the fairy godmother who brings great pressies for the pups! It is no wonder Karen is involved in selling doggie things as she is the biggest buyer of doggie things! haha! (Karen owns a dog and kitty supply store Doggie Solutions and Kitty Solutions) She loaned me a great product called Snugglesafe Pet bed warmer. It is a hot pad with a fleece that you just heat up in the microwave and it stays hot for hours. Much easier than me filling up the hotwater bottle! And safer than leaving a heating pad on. Karen also brought the pups some great cat tuggie toys that are helping them become tuggy maniacs!

Here is the Lil'Mouse behind bars. I put the snugglesafe in the pen with them because, although it was sunny, I was worried she would get chilled.

As soon as it is slightly warm and sunny, I pop the pups outside in the puppy pen. It is so funny because as soon as I do this, the other dogs then just seem to turn into maniacs and they grab a ball and run circles around the pen. This photo is not great but it show how the circus ensues! The pups just sit back and watch at this stage; but soon they will start barking and carrying on when it happens. Hmmm maybe this encourages the barking? :-)

In the mornings I get up around 6am to feed the pups and I sit with them on the floor in the kitchen. I play with them and let them climb on me while I am drinking my coffee and catching up on morning emails (god bless the wireless internet and a laptop!) I try to get some photos but usually I just get the back of the puppies as they wrestle and play. In this photo I stuck the Mouse in a box to try and get a photo but the cutest thing was her sister coming along with the world's tiniest tennis ball in her mouth!


Lian said...

Lil' Mouse is so sweet!! She is very cuddly too!!

Paula said...

Mouse looks like she's catching up with the others.

Great to see them out in the sunshine.