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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Busy Pups

The difference in the pups now is amazing. Overnight they have become little hooligans. In the mornings they line up by the pen door and wait to be lifted out. I cannot lower the door at all or the three are immediately up and over the top; they don't hesitate at all. We take them outside immediately in the morning and are getting less and less poo in the pen. Yet I am still desperate for newspapers if anyone has anymore! After their little tear-around the garden they all follow us inside and line up to watch me prepare their breakfast. So far they have been really calm and quiet while this is happening!

They spend more time outside in the puppy pen if the weather is good. Yesterday while I did some lessons in the back garden they spend a few hours basking in the sun. I try and vary the toys that I put in the pen with them so that they keep seeing new things but I am running of out new things to show them. We try and give them lots of time just running around the garden stretching their legs. I usually need an extra pair of eyes when this is happening as they always seem to find the smallest hole or tiniest crack to get lost in and put me into a panic that I have lost a puppy! It is amazing how little Mouse can fit into the smallest spaces; I am glad I don't breed chihuahuas! The Mouse is doing well and keeping up with her littermates.

They all have had collars on now during the day when I can keep an eye on them. Thanks to Lian who loaned me a few puppy collars as for some reason I forgot to order them this time. I have been very unorganized with some things with this litter! Next week we will start putting little leashes on them when they are playing in the house. They will tug each other around and it helps to get them used to the collar and lead.

Puppy training sessions continue and it is interesting to see the difference in each pup. I try and spend 5 minutes 2x a day with each one alone in the kitchen. Clicker, squeeze cheese and toys! We are mainly doing little right and left circles. With this litter I am also trying to see if I can get them to go to the wobble board and interact with it on their own. I will also do the same with the skateboard. I keep intending to get videos of their little training sessions but time doesn't allow it yet. Hopefully this weekend with Dennis' help.

Plans for the next week include: baths and blow dry (always fun!); a car trip with Auntie Lisa to visit a new house and a visitor from Denmark! Johanna will come in the nick of time and I will let HER get up in the morning at puppy-o'clock to do pee and poo patrol. After all it is her dirty boy who created these poo-ing machines! HA!

Zen doesn't spend much time with the pups anymore but I try and let her play with them as much as possible. Actually she is much better with this litter than with the last one. At this point during the last litter she wanted NOTHING to do with the pups; growling at them when they tried to nurse. This litter she is more willing to let them occasionally nurse and does not growl at them as much. Unfortunately she is a little rough with them and although I am happy she is playing with them I do worry that she might hurt them. Zen has never been a dog that plays well with other dogs; she would much rather play with me and her agility equipment! You can see in these photos that she just wants to mouth them, hit them with her feet or knock them down. True was very much the same; which goes to show you how traits are passed on. Both Zen and True were easy whelpers, good mothers up until around 5 weeks, cranky with them after 5 weeks and then played too rough with the pups after that.

Jordan is the one dog that I trust completely with the pups. (other than Hob-b who is still holidaying in Denmark). When she is tired of the pups she just goes somewhere that they cannot reach her. Here she is lying on the couch last night; glad to be out of reach from them and wondering if they will ever fall asleep!


Anonymous said...

I love reading about the puppies but what tugged at my heartstrings was the picture of Jordan. I have a picture of her right next to my computer taken many years ago. In it are my Teddy, Zip, Joy and Jordan. She was always my favorite sheltie girl. Please give her a special hug from me. Time goes by too fast...

Ann Marie

nellie-bean's blog said...

You ARE having fun! I am so glad to hear that Li'l Mouse is keeping up with the others. My little jr Rosie who was the tiny one I mentioned before, once she was adult, would always want to do what my other older dog did - at the top of Tryfan (peak in Wales) the rocks are very large and she would not be carried!x