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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mouse at 6 weeks

I promise we don't spoil the Lil' Mouse! Nor is she the favorite of everyone! Ok yes I am lying! But the other 3 fatties get just as much love and attention!

I am going to do seperate blog posts on each pups at 6 weeks. First I will do the Mouse and I will try and do the other three tomorrow. It has been a busy weekend of puppy socialization and training. They got lots of new experiences this weekend and lots more planned.

I skipped out of going to the Wallingford Agility show today. When I got up with the alarm clock this morning it was grey and miserable and I just wanted to stay home with Dennis and the pups.

So here are some photos of the Mouse at 6 weeks.

She has the funniest jump and leap action. She usually is running at full speed but looks a little like a bunny rabbit!

The pups had a lovely visit from Hannah. Hannah was especially taken with Lil'Mouse.

We took the pups on Saturday night over to Tim and Marions place. It was the pups first experience at a new house. They had a chance to run around Tim and Marion's side garden and they had a lovely time eating their dinner and then poo-ing all over their kitchen floor! Mouse joined us for some dinner and wine. She liked the spaghetti and had the proper technique! Some good spanish rioja wine to follow! Yum Yum.

And all the pups got their first real grooming today. Feet and nails trimmed; not easy on squirmy 6 week old puppies! I think they will get their first baths this week sometime. Here is Mouse checking out the tools of torture!


Jo & Brian said...

Lovely, she has come such a long way and is really beautiful. Credit to you and Dennis on all the hard work that you both put into your puppies.

Paula said...

She's so cute and what fantastically socialised pups these are going to be.

Shame you didn't come today as it wasn't too bad and the sun even came out but then again think I would have rather played with puppies too.

Lorna said...

Ah little Mouse is looking so sweet and I chuckled at the spag and wine too!

Lorna x

Lian said...

Oh! She is so sweet!

Mary-Anne & Zen's US cousins said...

Hah! The secret of your success is out! Another generation of booze-swilling OBay puppies is on the scene :)!

She's so cute!