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Friday, April 04, 2008

Glorious English weather!

We have had the most beautiful day today. It was a great day to get the pups outdoors again. This photo is of the big girl "Zest".

In the morning they had a visit with Liz and her husband Antony. They had a little time outdoors and indoors to play with the pups. It is a good time for the pup-lets to start meeting more people; so everyone please come and visit!

Dennis is away so it will be hard for me to get photos and videos this week. That said....luckily for some reason I brought the video camera out with me during this afternoon's outdoor session. What A Result! Zen was cooperating and the pups sat still! Do not let Zen fool you. She is so photogenic but she hates the camera! She barks at it and the entire time I am taking the photos she is whining!

Zest is pretending to be a Mini-Me of Zen.

Linford looking cute.

Do you think Zen is getting tired of them yet?


Shetla said...

If that paw on mom's cheek is not a Kodak moment, I don't know what is??!!! That is prize-winning cute!
Really really makes me long for puppies again. Till then, thanks for letting us all enjoy yours vicariously. They are adorable!

Diana said...

What heart warming pictures. Thanks, Diana

Lian said...

Very sweet pictures of Zen and her babies!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what beautiful pictures of Zen and her babies, I love the one where the pup has a paw on her face,oh so cute.

Anonymous said...

The pups are so cute..I like the photo of Zen & Zest and the one where the pup has a paw on Zen's face. They are so adorable & lovable.

Shanice & Nova