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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Puppy training 6 weeks

I love to do little training sessions with the pups. Here is a little session that Dennis videoed last night. Mouse was tired as Terry called right in between her session and the videoed part was after the phone call during which she was curled asleep in my lap. Fat Head was sleeping by the time his turn came up so he deserves his own training video tomorrow. Enjoy but you may want to turn the volume down as Zen was barking in the next room saying ME ME ME!


Tim and Marion said...

That Linford looks like being one smart dawg!

Karen said...

Gosh they have grown so much in a week !! very cute pups they sure are clever !! love the way the pups joined in the barking at the end

Lorna said...

Ah sooo cute :)

Lorna x