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Monday, April 07, 2008

Puppies 4 weeks and growing

Well another birthday passed on Saturday and the pups are now 4 weeks old. For their birthday they got another dose of Nemex-2 wormer. I love that stuff, it is so much nicer than the Drontal puppy that we get here. The Drontal puppy wormer is Pink, tastes awful and you have to give them loads of liquid for their size. So pink wormer liquid gets all over the place and covers the puppies as they spit it out! The nemex wormer come from the US and I always pick up when I am back at home. The pups love the taste and you only need tiny amounts; so much easier!

The pups had some nice visitors this weekend. On Saturday Sonia and Bob came over and they brought some good baby toys for the pups to play with. Gotta love the charity shops! Of course Sonia fell in love with the Lil' Mouse as everyone does.

On Sunday Lisa watched the pups for me while Hex and I went to the Downland show. Not much to say about the show; I mishandled a part and ruined a great run. Shame as it was our first Olympia qualifier and I really wanted to qualify early so that I did not have to think about it for the rest of the year. Bummer. Hex was flying and I quick released her contacts as there was some really good fast dogs there; so no time to hang about. I was really kicking myself on the ride home; something I usually don't do. In reality Hex and I just need to get more practice together; we are not a well-oiled team like me and Zen. I did not even hang around for the jumping and steeplechase classes as I was anxious to get back to the pup-lets. It was only the qualifier that interested me. In retrospect I should have just gone with Nancy to get some training done; that would have been more productive!

It was good for the pups to hang out with Lisa for the day. It all adds to their experiences of new things. And good for me as I came home to a Roast Chicken Dinner! In the evening Tony came by and we made him hold all the puppies and talk "manly" things to them. Here is Tony surfing the net with "Fat Head" on his fat head!

The pups are now eating more. They love their Burns Puppy food. I soak it in water, add some yogurt or Whelpi, heat it up and they eat it up. The Lil'Mouse is the best eater but she actually eats too fast and too much!

Here are some photos of the pups playing with the worlds smallest squeaky tennis ball! I play with them individually whenever possible now and we are exploring different parts of the house. I am playing the sound effects CDs (thunder CD and gunshot CD) and also an old sound effects cassette tape (yes I still have a stereo with a cassette player!). The Cassette tape is really funny as it has the strangest sounds on it. Right now I am listening to: a crowd of people, a man burping, a lady screaming, doorbell ringing, someone walking up stairs, someone walking downstairs, bouncing ball, train noise, deck of cards being shuffled and dealt, a clock chiming, loud dog barking, a harp,a helicopter, a printer, ....you get the idea. I turn these up pretty loud over time and I may be slowly going insane listening to it.


Karen said...

Ah they are looking gorgeous, and I wish Id gone to do training with Nancy too instead of going to a show that I didnt even run at lol lol x

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see them all coming on so well, Lil Mouse is making up for lost time on the eating front, she has a lot to catch up on.

Paula said...

Ok so how do you tell the difference between going upstairs and downstairs?

At least you didn't send your dog into the weaves in a very calm and positive way instead of up the seesaw. I did wonder where you'd gone though.

OBay Shelties said...

It is funny; you can just tell the going up vs. the going down stairs! Just one of life's mysteries! haha

Well at least you were calm and positive!

Anonymous said...

The puppies are positively darling! Makes me want a new pup, and I'm not really a puppy person at all.


nellie-bean's blog said...

I had one of those sound cds for Nellie and played it alot in the van driving along. Got to be quite soothing in a wierd kind of way.....(though the huge clanking rubbish (garbage to you!) truck noise was abit alarming if you weren;t ready for it - sounded like something coming along up really close...