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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Congratulations to MACH Spooner!

Ann and Master Agility Champion Bare Cove Silver Spoon!

In the US when a dog finishes their AKC Agility Championship (also called a MACH) the owner and dog get to keep the last bar on the course. They get the bar signed by all their friends and admirers and have a nice memento to keep to remember their special day. Usually their friends have cake and drinks and pressies and banners ready for that moment (which sometimes they can carry around for weeks just in case the dog finishes that 2oth QQ!)

Ann and Spooner finished their MACH at the Springfield Massachusetts Thanksgiving weekend agility show. It is a cool show; one that I loved going to as it was indoors, warm and on a dirt surface for the dogs. I met Ann and Spooner at Clean Run Camp two years ago. Spooner was just a young dog at the time but you could see such good things in store for the two of them! I was so impressed by Spooner and his brother Jif that I decided then and there to breed to Jif one day.

Anyway, congratulations to a great team! Now go get that ADCH (Usdaa agility championship)

Another funny thing is that in the USA a team can get a MACH 2,3,4...ad infinitum. Gets kinda weird as they celebrate each MACH all over again! I can see the first MACH as special but after that I think it is overkill!

and PS. when Zen finished her Agility Championship I didn't get any good pressies; so I want some good ones ready for when Hex finishes next year! And Champagne and cake and music. Maybe I should bring my own cheering section...do you think I can rent a few friends? hehe


Johanna said...

Congratulations to Spooner & Ann...! Johanna
PS: We did all the ra-ra stuff for you for your first year at Crufts - cake, shirts, banners, flew in from Denmark & States - now if that isnt commitment then I dont know what is :o) You should definitely have gotten a big present for Zen's champ title but I guess we are saving up for the World Champ title!!!! :o)

Eleanor and MACH2 Presto said...

Great job, Spooner and Ann. Glad all of you like Springfield. I cannot stand it. The dust in the air, the crowds, not my idea of a good time. BUT, I am obviously in the minority!

Actually, the celebration for the MACH2, 3, etc. do tend to be much more low-key. The first MACH is the really special one! Of course there is the lap around the ring and the bar to be signed (Presto's MACH2 bar is awaiting your signature!, but unless the dog is the first multi-MACH of its breed, the celebrations are more muted. But still, multi-MACHs are BIG accomplishments and those dogs have proven how incredibly consistent they are.

Katie Trachte (USA) said...

It was an AWESOME run! Anne is such a nice person... and Spooner is an AMAZING dog!!!!!!!!!

On to MACh 2 Anne!

PS - I think MACh 2 is just as amazing as MACh 1... that's another 20 QQs... very hard to get (and expensive!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for including us in your blog - we feel very honored! We had a gorgeous cake (chocolate/chocolate mousse), pressies, and margaritas with dinner! Lots of people signed our MACH bar and we took pictures - will send some over the weekend - Diane outdid herself with the cake decorations - you have to see it! Spooner favorite parts were the victory lap - he got to do weavies again - and playing with the judge while we were trying to get the picture.

Ann & MACH Spooner

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Gratz Ann & Spooner! Quite an acheivement.
Yea! i gave you a plant for Zen's Champ ROFLOL! Just shows how mental i was then!
Plenty of Champers in Ur cupboard at home suggest we glug our way through that 1st :)

grithowes said...

I've had the pleasure of watching Ann and Spooner for the last few years, as well as being on a DAM team with them at a USDAA trial (I was the weak link in that chain!)
They are an incredible team.
Spooner is fast and agile, but keeps his wits about him. Ann is a poised accurate handler. She always puts Spooner's health and well being before the "Q".
While they are always competitive, Ann is not driven by the desire to place before the desire to have a fun safe run with her dog.
To me, this team exemplifies what the sport of agility should be about.
It's so neat that someone has "blogged" about their MACH!