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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Rainy Day Blues

We had some wicked rain and wind yesterday. I had to cancel my few training lessons and was feeling that I should do some training with my own dogs. I have been INSPIRED by Ann (with MACH Spooner) who sent me a music CD with nine of the songs played at the World Champs! WOW... as soon as I played them in my kitchen I was dancing around and felt all energized!I have transferred all the songs to my iPod so that I can listen while at the gym and when I am getting ready for Olympia! Watch out here we come!

I needed that after all the worry we have had lately with my poor little man Chi. Chi had his surgery today and you can follow his progress on Chi's Blog.

Anyway I had Dennis video a few of the things I have been playing around with in training. Zen and Hex were taught both "the elephant trick" and "put your toys away" as pups. As you can see they were a little rusty! HA!

I was starting to try to teach Hex to lift up her back foot on command as I have seen Sylvia Trkman teach her dogs; but was having no luck. Then I thought I would try to teach the dogs to back up onto the washing up box but again was struggling. So we went back to something we know: LEFT and RIGHT. The twist being having them do their lefts and rights on the box. Actually it was a really cool idea as then they had to stay in one spot instead of bouncing around as they usually do. I did not use any luring or body language; Zen and Hex do know their left and rights pretty well. You can see how Zen especially tries to outsmart me and I have to try and mix up my commands so that she doesn't read my mind! Also I used a bigger box for Zen as she was sliding all over the washing up bowl. You will notice that a few times Hex just turned her head left or right instead of actually spinning. This was because although she knew what I wanted she felt as if she couldn't do the entire spin without falling! It was so interesting for me to watch the video back and see how hard she tries. What is really funny in watching the video is seeing the difference in general speed and noise between Zen and Hex. Zen always looks as if she is on speed!


Johanna said...

I love the way Zen picks a toy OUT of the box to be able to put it in again :o)

Mary-Anne, Bryce and Jayda said...

Must be "stupid pet trick season". Funny coincidence, but I started teaching B & J the elephant trick yesterday ... and also noted how different they were when learning something new.

Surprisingly, Jayda is very much like Zen! It's Bryce who's the careful, thoughtful one.

Hudsondoglets said...

Hex looks so delicate compared with Zen .... who looks like a bull in a china shop. Our little Zenlet is following in her mother's footsteps and isn't very delicate with her elephant trick!

I have to say, much as I adore Zen the one thing I really don't like about her is her lack of enthusiasm .... ha ha!

Mind you, wait 'til you see Niamh's final version of the elephant, it's not pretty!

Karen said...

grrrrrrrrr still wont let me watch the video !!!!! boo hoo

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Wot r those Hudson's saying about the Champion Zennie Zenster!!!!
Must admit to laughing my head off at the difference tho :)
Also been inspired to think aobut rehab tricks for Chi. All ideas gr8fully received

Johanna said...

Trick ideas:
Flat ( down with head down )
Say your prayers
Look left
Look right
Look up
Look down
Smack it ( with paw )
Push it ( with nose )
Sky ( stand on back legs )
Bum-Sky ( stand on hind legs with back against handler )
Hook (paw around cane/stick)
Walk on (circle handler clockwise)
Square (circle handler anti clockwise)
Weaves (all directions)
Through (circle left leg clockwise)
Pole ( dog walks around object ) etc...That should keep you going :o)

Nanna (Shetla) said...

On speed???? Ever heard of the magic of giving everything the right name? You name her Zen - you just know you are asking for trouble.

To date I have only produced one non-entire male. Guess what I called him??... Attaboy! Well, duh!
(Bear in mind now that in Denmark we have to register their names before they are 3 weeks old - just in case you thought I was THAT stupid - grins).

I just love your videos and your crazy girls!

diana said...

Can you tell me how you taught the elephant trick? thanks, Diana