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Monday, November 26, 2007

Zen Dog Mug

I had a fabulous birthday dinner cooked for me on Saturday (bread and butter pudding for pudding-YUMMMMMMY!) by Tim and Marion. They found this fantastic mug for me also! Isn't that great? The best part is the saying on the back; so appropriate to my feelings about competing with my dogs.

"He knows not where he is going
For the Ocean will decide
It's not the DESTINATION...
...It's the glory of THE RIDE"

Woo-hoo! Thanks Zen for the most fantastic ride. You rock baby!

And check this out; this is really funny. I AM A BLOOPER!

Smooth Moves 2006 WC Video clips

Onto breeding news: Hob-b is now on day eight of her season. Hob-b and Tazz started flirting a bit yesterday. They are playing ever so cute and they don't usually play. Tazz does his version of being a stud dog....he rolls on his back and shows his bits to Hob-b. Oh Tazz...... ha!

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Karen said...

cool mug and I just noticed how clean your windows are !! x