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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Luxembourg Day 4: Sheltie Team day

Sunday was devoted to teams made up of 4 dogs. Each dog had 2 runs each. We didn't run as a team (ie: one after another) but ran individually and then they calculated the results at the end. The only other run I would have with Zen was a Genesis Final held at the end of the day. It was for the top 3 placed dogs from the agility run the day before.

Our team was made up of four Tri shelties. Our team-mate Roger came up with our name "LIBERO" which I thought sounded pretty cool. It actually takes the first two letters of each of our names! LI (Lisa) BE (Bernadette) and RO (Roger)! Unfortunately we forgot to get a photo of our team! That was silly and I blame Lisa as all weekend she kept saying "I want to take this photo for my blog...." over and over. And then when it counted......sigh.

Unfortunately none of us did spectacularly well in the team runs! On paper we had an AWESOME team but it was not meant to be! I think we ended up 12th overall out of 27 teams. I will post the jumping course; but can't seem to find the agility course map. The jumping was the only run that Hex went clear in all weekend! It wasn't exactly a pretty run; the ending got me when I tried a front cross between 15 and 16 to try and run the inside of the ending curve of jumps. With both dogs I wasn't able to get there and crossed really badly so the ending was certainly not pretty and we lost quite a bit of time. Hex ended up in 6th place in that run over the 120 odd small and mediums combined.

I liked this photo that Lisa took of Hex jumping over the wall! Well maybe she hit the button too soon. Hehe Actually I like it because it showed her turning on the flat between # 9 and #10. You needed to do this otherwise the dogs assumed they were turning left after the wall. You also couldn't run 9 and 10 with the dog on the left unless you were super fast!

And, believe it or not, this was Zen's look-a-like! When this dog ran she looked so much like Zen in both colouring and in body type. I also like this photo because it showed how so many dogs thought they were turning left after the wall!

After all the team runs were over; they set a jumping course for the Genesis Final. It was kind of strange that they set up a jumping final but choose the top dogs from the Agility class, but hey who am I to complain about an extra run!

Zen ran last out of the 10 medium dogs running in the final. I would LOVE to say that we won it; but sadly we had the typical jumping nightmare happen....the last bar dropped! SHIT! I blame the judge as he was clapping before we cleared the last jump and I refuse to hear anything different! HAHA! When all goes wrong; blame someone else!

The funniest part to me was how devastated Dennis was! I was like "Oh well" no big deal but he was gutted! I think he is getting spoiled with Zen winning too much!

I will try and post the Genesis final course map and video later. Then you can all cry along with Dennis when you see that last bar fall! And yes yes she would have won it by over .5 seconds! But Woulda coulda shoulda will get us nowhere!


Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

And is that you doing the Toni Dawkins body swerve behind Hex and the wall? roflol! Me thinks so....

Hudsondoglets said...

What do you mean Lisa, I thought it was Toni Dawkins, especially in that pink tee shirt.

Wasn't it Toni then ;)

Karen said...

he he he maybe toni x 2 one on top of the other to make up the height roflol sorry Toni luv ya really !!

Hudsondoglets said...

I have to add something to this post.

The lovely picture of the venue with the raised viewing gallery reminded me of a venue that we used to go to many years ago. I'm trying hard to remember the show but I can't. The venue was maybe Blue Barn - that rings a bell?? Anyway, I will always remember my darling little Lizzie at that venue. Lizzie was my first dog (that is dog of my own) and she was a rescue crossbreed who sometimes liked agility but more often did not. I always used to take a furry bed to shows so that she could sleep between runs. Those were the days when you used to take your deck chair to the ringside and everyone watched even at the indoor venues such as this one!

Anyway, to cut an already long story short, I had been ill and was unable to run my dog so a friend offered to run Lizzie. The set up was so similar to that which you see in this photo but the gallery was a little lower and the barrier a little wider. Sue set Lizzie up on the start line and released her at which point she promptly tore right across the ring, naturally taking care to avoid all obstacles, and took a flying leap into the balcony landing precisely in her little bed beside my deck chair (in which I was sitting waiting to watch her round!) I'll never ever forget that ..... neither will Sue who was left in the middle of the agility course with no dog!

The scary thing .. that was in 1989 as it was the year that Bess, my very first red & white collie, was born. I was due to collect Bess in about two weeks which is why I remember the year so well! How sad is that?