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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hex the Hexy Hexster

Today we took the ride up to Rugby with Sarah to pick up our 2007 Agility Club Trophies. Hex won the small Grade 5 trophy (that doesn't sound as good as winning the NOVICE trophy) but hey I won't complain! This is the same trophy (then called Top Novice Small dog)that Zen won in 2005 during her first year of competition also.

The trophies were really nice and are engraved with my name and with Hex's full KC name. That is a really nice touch to have an engraved personalized crystal trophy. My sweet Hex!

The ride wasn't too bad and thankfully Sarah drove. It was about a 2 1/2 hour drive but it seemed to go pretty fast. I was disappointed that Sarah did not bring the handsome Tig along so she better take a photo of Tig with his trophy and post on her blog! Hex was not impressed as since I put on her special harness she thought it was AGILITY TIME! HA!

It has been a very surreal week finding out that Chi had a lump and then getting the unexpected diagnosis of Fibrosarcoma. I refuse to believe that Chi will do nothing but recover fully and be around for many more years. Besides he needs to make me a nice little sable girl with Hob-b so he better stay healthy for a long time!

I was looking at puppy photos as that is where my mind is going to be focused on this week with Hob-b and Tazz. I found this adorable photo of five week old Chi who just looks like a miniature version of his grown up self!


Hudsondoglets said...

Well done to Sexy Hexy!

We are all shocked about Chi and are sending his way as many positive thoughts we can summon.

No sign of Zen coming into season yet? She is an agility addict and wants to defend her title. Go Zen, we'll be routing for you along with Chi and Hex!

Karen said...

way to go Hexster ! and lots of positive thoughts going out to the lovely Chi.

I just think Zen wants to wear her pink harness again in the public eye lol lol xx

Lorna said...

What a Star Hex is and she looked very smart with her harness on :)

Lorna x