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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More World Champ music

This should get Lisa in a positive mood for Discover Dogs and Olympia! I found this video on Youtube and this is the music they play as you run around celebrating! Just listening to it give me the chills! I need this song for my Ipod along with the famous Kabouter plop song!


Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

WOOT!! Yeap! Defo need that choon on my ipod too. Does anyone know what it is?
Gr8 lyrics as well - wot memories :)

Karen said...

Stand Up (For the Champions)
Champs United
Fußball Hymnen: Die Stadionhits (Football Hits Covered)
itunes search for stand up for the champions xx

Johanna said...

Right Said Fred
Stand Up For The Champions


Karen said...

aaaagggg Johanna even ifyou do a search for right said fred it still does not come up with this song but now youve said it I reckognise his voice :0)) x

ADRIANA said...

Hello! my name is Adriana Aguirre, I'm from Mexico and i made the Video from the world championship with the "standup" song. I'm part of an agility club and will be great to keep in touch because we like to write interviews with agility personlaities.
greetings from mexico www.clubocat.com.mx

Anonymous said...


I've got a CD of about a dozen songs played at the Worlds which was given to me by a friend who recorded them live in Spain - will try to get you a copy - I have them all on my IPOD - very energizing!!!

Ann Hart

Katie Trachte (USA) said...

That particular version is by GLASGOW RANGERS - STAND UP (FOR THE CHAMPIONS)



OBay Shelties said...

Thanks everyone! Yes please Ann I would love a copy of the cd!
Katie just making sure you got my emails regarding your question?