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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

This n that and jump training

It was really peaceful here this morning. I got up early (for me!) and have been sitting with my HUGE Starbucks mug drinking big big cups for coffee surrounded by SEVEN quiet shelties. They can be so cute sometimes!

We have seven shelties right now as we still have Tazz visiting; he is anxiously awaiting for some girls to come in season. And we have Lucky visiting for a few days while Sonia and Bob have a much deserved weekend away to relax. Seven shedding shelties is a bit too much to have and my hoover is working overtime. I would never want to go back to seven dogs permanently and luckily Dennis is away this week!

Lucky has been a real gentleman. The funny thing is that, like Hob-b, he hates when the black girls (Zen and Hex) get into their play fighting frenzies. Lucky and Hob-b will then leap into my lap for protection and watch the action from a safe vantage point. Hob-b is easy as she is so small; but having a Lucky-sized sheltie leaping on your head can be dangerous! I love when Zen and Hex play fight as it is so reminiscent of when Joy and Pax would play together.

Training wise I have just been doing small bits with Hex to start getting her ready for Olympia. I have not been doing much running stuff as my ankle/foot still is not 100%; so I have been concentrating on sending to contacts away from me and on jump chute work. The jump chute work is based mainly on Susan Clothier Natural Jumping Method. I have started this method in the past but never worked my way thru the entire thing. So we are giving it a shot this winter. So far we are just finishing up the rhythms and impulsion chapters and are ready to move to the Problem solving chapter. I will post on any progress! If any of my blog readers have any jump training suggestions; please feel free to post! I only really know of two methods; Susan Clothier and Susan Salo. I have never donne Susan Salo's methods and would love to hear pros and cons.

We are headed off to Discover Dogs this weekend to groom for Lisa and Chi. Yeah finally! Zen was invited but I turned it down as I wasn't sure if she would be in season yet and she really doesn't need the practice. I do wish I had been invited with Hex as it would have been a good warmup for Olympia. Instead I will go as a perfect groom and wait hand and foot on Lisa and Chi. HA! And maybe check out the shopping opportunities...


Hudsondoglets said...

Sounds like bliss except for the dog hair! Dog hair drives me insane. It's second only to mud!

I have been meaning to buy the Susan Clothier book as I'd like to understand more on this subject. Thanks for prompting me to do so! I will place the order today!

Which Way Now Tom Tom said...

Watching dogs play wastes so much time doesn't it? Dudley and Thomas can keep going for over an hour sometimes!!
Have fun a DD and try not to spend too much money.

Sarah and Leslie said...

Anyone managed to buy one? Can't seem to do it because there is no shipping method to select. Maybe i'm being dim!!!

Mary-Anne & the US cousins said...

Even though it's "not in style" around here these days, I swear by the Clothier method. I don't think I've ever taken a dog completely through the whole thing, but I've still gotten great results. Lots of things I worry about on-course, dropped bars aren't one of them.

I know trainers who clicker train jumping (i.e. clicking when they're over the bar) - I think this is completely counterproductive as it turns their attention back to the handler mid-jump instead of teaching them to focus on what they're doing.

Compulsively looking at the handler while jumping = dropped feet = dropped bars.

Lucky is cute! I so miss having a sable face around here :( !

Sophie x said...

Hi, atleast Hex and Zen have someone to play with! Dash can never get any of ours to play with him (they are so boring!)
Maybe we need a new little dog??? hehe LOL.

Have fun being a "groom"
luv sophie and dash

Karen said...

Yes dog hair does not do it for me either, but I actually think that my cats hair is even worse !

Off to place an order for this book too! looks very interesting.

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

I agree with Karen cat hair is a night mare Sheltie hair is like angel hair and smells so good - after a bath!!
We're gonna have such fun at Discover Dogs.
Tony thinks Lucky looks very handsome

Sarah and Leslie said...

Boo Hoo Still can't order the book cause the website is down. Are you on commision???

fourmares said...

Susan Salo's method is very effective. I know of dogs that have shaved seconds off of their times! I've heard a rumor that she has a video coming out early next year.