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Monday, November 12, 2007

Agility Practice: USDAA Grand Prix course

Lotsa agility.....just not for me! I have been taking it easy on my ankle especially as it seems I can find any hole or dip in the ground no matter how far or how small! I just seem to be drawn into them! On Thursday I was walking across a small car park and stepped in the only hole in the entire car park! Damn that hurt!

Friday we set up this course in the backgarden. It was The USDAA Grand Prix Dog Agility Final from the USDAA champs in Arizona. Again it was a good one to set up because I got to see some videos of the course being run and that helps in seeing exactly where the flow of the course is and where the challenges are. You can see it being run on Agility Vision; here are the winners from each height and here is a comparison of the top 4 in the 22" height class

We modified it slightly as I don't think I had a big enough area; but overall it looked good. The biggest challenge of collapsed tunnel-jump-tunnel was not exactly as it was on the original course because no matter how we tried we could not handle it as some of the other handlers did. I think the tunnel was probably over further than we could do.

I did not think to video all of us running but should have. Will remember next time! All the dogs did really well on it. We did remember to video Zen running for Nancy, Karen and myself. The funny thing is that she looks no different running for anyone else! Nancy is a girl after my own heart and wouldn't let Zen get away with running her A-frame! HA! Enjoy the video but blame Lisa for the barking Cheeky Chi in the background. Some people and their barking shelties...sheesh!

After we ran that course we switched it around a bit to run something different. We did a similar opening sequence but then went from the collapsed tunnel-jump to the opposite end of #8 and then back of #15 to the Aframe to the weaves. Now the A-Frame to the weaves was the most challenging part so it was really good practice for everyone. From the weaves to the dog walk and then to the back of #15 with a push thru to #16 and then finish as normal. Some good things to work on!


Sarah and Leslie said...

Hey no fair they didn't have Tig's favourite tunnel trap before the last jump! Thanks for a really good course which brought up loads of things to work on! And thanks from Emmy too as her belly is full of treats from her clicker session!

Karen said...

Thanks for a really good training session and also for letting me run Zen she is amazing :0))

Which Way Now Tom Tom said...

Zen's such a good girl but it's really weird seeing her run with someone else.

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Chi really enjoyed his warm up for DD on this course.
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Dear people in Canada plse come visit my site i'd like to have Canada on my neo counter plse :)

Lorna said...

Great to watch - what a good girl Zen is :)

Lorna x