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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday to Zen's pups!

Yesterday was the pups 1st birthday! Happy Birthday Kizzy, Whizz, Oz and Zoe! I wish there was a 5th name in there; I know we all miss little Zeus...

The very first O'Bay litter was born back in 1992. When they turned one year old we had a fantastic birthday party for them. I have to find the photos one time when I am back in NY because back in those olden days we only had print photos and no digital! Anyway all the dogs were well behaved. Of course, they would be as they were sable!

When we had the first OBay litter in the UK (notice the lack of apostrophe as the UK Kennel Club wouldn't allow me to keep a silly apostrophe in my Kennel name!) I decided to do another birthday party. It was a great idea in theory and I do think everyone enjoyed it except the neighbors! God that was a noisy bunch!

Here is True with her 6 babies! (and one child stuck in the middle!)

We had this adorable agility cake made! It looked better than it tasted!

This year so much was going on beforehand that I just could not get myself organized. I promise to all the owners and pups that pressies will be forthcoming! You may just have to wait a few weeks as they are on order and I am counting on someone in Denmark to help me! (Hi Johanna!)


Karen said...

Happy birthday to all of Zens babies and remembering little Zeus, and wow the sable sheltie 1st row on left really looks like the Toddster ! wots his (looks like a boy! sorry if not !) name ?

Eleanor and Dash said...

Happy Birthday Zen puppies! Dash and I remember his first birthday party in 1993 on Long Island. I have lots of fun photos in his little phot book. Dennis grilled lots of stuff like swordfish. I am not sure if Bernadette gave gifts (that is the American term), but she had a carrot cake, as I recall, for the pups. Dash ate a lot of it and was sick the next day! But he had so much fun.

And now I know where the apostrophe went! Can I still refer to my dogs as O'Bay Shelties? That is how I think of them. :-)

Lian said...

Happy Birthday to Zen's gorgeous babies!

I think the Toddster look alike is Lucky? The first OBay I have met!!

sunny said...

the sheltie ist row left is lucky and he does look like toddster hansome boys sonia

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Ha - P b'day Z pups!

Mary-Anne & Zen's US cousins said...

Happy B'day, little Zen-lets!

Hudsondoglets said...

Thank you to OBay Shelties for letting Andy be one of the lucky ones to have a Zen puppy. She is the heart of our canine household!

May I say, what a lovely new header for the blog!