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Monday, July 30, 2007

More Good News!

I took Jordan to the vet today and her blood work is fine! Whew! Maybe her bladder is just getting smaller as she gets older. No matter, I am just glad that she has nothing serious going on. Yeah! I was feeling really bad for Jordan today so I took her out in the garden to play agility. She thought it was great fun and bounced around like a pup. She popped out of the last two weave poles each time and still got a sweetie. She is so deaf that we just run around aimlessly doing a few low jumps, weaves and dog walk but she thinks she is hot stuff.

The other good news I forgot to mention was that our "small" team qualified for Crufts yesterday! So now both Zen (in her all sheltie medium team) and Hex (in her small team running for Beacon) will be at Crufts in the Team competition.

The last good piece of news is that my sister Terry is coming to Norway to see us at the World Championships! Yeah!


Lian said...

I am so glad to hear Jordan is all fine! That is a good news. She is such a sweet heart, lots of hugs and kisses for her.

Lorna said...

Hiya Glad Jordans test results came back ok.

Yay Well Done on the Small Team qualifying - you are going to have a busy Crufts!

Lorna x

Karen said...

so pleased Jordan is ok she is sooooooo cute k xx

Andy & Nancy said...

Glad Jordan's OK. Give her a hug.

Abbey does exactly that if I let her have a go in the weaves. She bounces through them and pops out the last two without fail and then turns round and barks at me. I'm sure that dog has sheltie in her somewhere!

Well done on the teams. You will certainly be a busy person at Crufts 2008!

Nancy & Andy
Kizzy & the Collies

Eleanor and Jordan's son, Presto said...

Thank goodness....!