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Friday, July 20, 2007

British World Agility Team

Well a few days have past since the try-outs and I am starting to get more positive! I think I will start having to ask for help in setting courses (from the World Champ judges) over the next 8 weeks. I would really like to try and work on two courses each week. I wish Lisa was on the team as then we could train together!

I was really dissapointed that Hex (andChi) did not make it on the team. Although considering our performances it was understandable! I know she is just a baby but I also know that she is a really consistant AND fast dog. I felt as if our performances on Tuesday were not up to our usual standards and that is what got me down. I know it was my handling and not Hex's mistakes. I would have loved to travel with her as she is such a confident and fun little dog. And now that we know that there may be no World Champs for Great Britain next year........

The try-outs were held at Rugby DTC's new indoor facility. What a fabulous place! If I won the lottery it is just what I would love. A gorgeous farm house with a indoor training facility right next door. SIGH...... Well I gotta put my dreams out there and maybe they will come true!

This is the first time Rugby opened up the building for an event like this. I hope everything went well for them and that they were happy with how everyone behaved! The building stood up well to the torrential rain and HAIL that happened on Tuesday!

The flooring in the building was really nice. Very springy and cushy and the dogs did not slip at all. There was only one problem....Zen got abrasions/grazes on two of her feet along with one or two other dogs that I heard of. I think the flooring was so grippy that maybe she got wore her pads down? I am not sure. But BLESS her even with the cuts on her feet she still ran! I didn't even realize how bad it was until afterwards when we finished up on Tuesday and headed back to the caravan. When I let her out of the car she could barely walk! In one respect I am so happy it was not anything muscular or joint related; cuts on pads heal quickly. But on the other hand I feel so bad that she was hurting so much and I did not know it. Thanks to Peter the team vet for giving Zen some anti-inflamatory and anti-biotic right away just in case. Always handy to have a vet around!

Here are some photos of the teams. I guess with a three day coach trip to Norway and a three day coach trip back I will get to know them all better!

Medium (look how tiny Zen looks!)

Small (look at how Nicky is such a poser! I think she likes her photo taken!)

Large (what a motley crew!)


Eleanor said...

OK, I'll bite: whay may there not be any worlds next year for GB?

Andy & Nancy said...

Zen needs some CROCS for her little feet! Nice purple ones!

You all look so happy in the photos and so you should! Well done again!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Obay Shelties for making the BWA teams.

You must be a very proud breeder indeed

Lisa's Mum

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

We can still train 2gether - I need to get my boy his Champ cert! Ooo! it's gonna be fun being your 'Mr' Motivator :)
I get the Q dos of being on the team with out all that horrid travelling too :)