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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rugby Championship Agility Show

I had never been up to the Rugby show before. It was a really nice venue with nice flat ground to run on. The camping was limited so the show was a reasonable size. The club members were efficient and friendly and that always helps!

There was one scarey/funny moment at the show when Dave Ray gets on the tannoy and says "Don't go down into the lower fields as the police are coming because it is a crime scene!" The rumour goes around that someone found a dead body in the field! Of course, we all go Ohhh and ahhh and then go right back to running our dogs. A little while later the police come into the grounds and drive down to the lower field (with people yelling at them "FIVE MILES AN HOUR"). We later hear that that "body" was really some drunk guy sleeping! I wonder if it was someone who celebrated too much the night before but never did hear who it was.

We had a really successful first time at Rugby and came home with lots of crystal. The Championship classes were interesting. Both of the jumping and agility champ qualifiers were on the easy side as far as courses go. I was really thrilled that Lisa and Chi, Nicky and Indy (who won both qualifiers rounds) and Zen and I got into the Champ Finals.

The Champ Final was also a very straight forward course. It only had six weaves! Now that is a big strange for Champ. But, hey ho, I was just glad it wasn't NINE. HA!
Having an easy course is not really good for me and Zen. I count on the difficult courses to hopefully knock out some of the faster medium Border collies! So this time I knew that no one was going to make a mistake on this course (other than the usual bars or contact issues) and it would come down to times.

Three fantastic results in this championship final. Nicky and Indy (OBay Truly Driven) winning their first Championship ticket. Zen winning the medium ticket. And a kelpie named Ruby winning the large making her the first ABC(non-border collie) Agility Champion in Great Britain!
Here is a photo of Indy with all his champ winnings! I think Nicky is taking it very serious that she gets a free puppy when she wins the World Champs!

Enjoy this video of Indy and Zen running the Champ Final. Our first OBay Championship double!


Lian said...

Hooray! The OBay Doubles!

Zenny is such a good girl, she must be going so fast to beat the BC! Well done girls!

Andy & Nancy said...

What a proud mom and grandma you must have been that day!

Karen said...

Was great to sit in the sun and watch the final brilliant runs from you and Nick x