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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Yoga, world team try-outs and Puppies!

Yoga today ......canoe (wicked abdominal work), albatross, warrior dancer, warrior archer, dancer (balance). Next week is the last Yoga class until September. My plans/goals are....if we qualify for the World champs...to go back to the gym to get fitter! I swear that I will go back to the gym 2x per week if we qualify! I promise I promise I promise!

The World Team tryouts are less than two weeks away and run for 2 days this year. ( I can't wait I am so psyched!) They are doing some timing of obstacles on the first day. Those "assesments" will determine if you then participate in the next portion of the try-outs. That assesement part should be OK for us but we are working on the sequences anyway! Then we run 4 courses (2 jumping and 2 agility) and that along with some pre-qualifying points will determine if you are chosen for the team. It is pretty straight foward, the top three in each height category go thru. Can I hope that 4 of them are OBay shelties? Wouldn't that just be a breeders dream come true? That along with Unique and Monty running for Denmark? Oh my goodness you won't be able to shut me up if that happens!

It is a shame this year that there is the ban on docked dogs. As much as I don't like docking it is not illegal in many countries so it is unfair that those dogs are banned in a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! For England (as we now have a docking ban as of this year) when a few years go by it will not be an issue anymore but until then it is sad that some really good dogs are held back.


Well when you breed things go wrong ALOT. It is not a job for the fainthearted as there is so much heartbreak along with the good. But here is one of the really good parts! Getting photos of a puppy almost all grown up and living up to her puppy promise. Here is Wizz (who lives in The Netherlands with Han and Adele). I almost cried when I saw these photos as she is so very lovely and such a sweet combination of Zen and Tazz.

And here is a photo of the proud Dad with his little girl Wizz!


Karen said...

Wizz is just gorgeous, and it is sad re the docked breeds. I have a min poodle who is docked; when I asked the breeder to leave her tail on over 7 years ago she just laughed and said that it would never be banned !! I am glad that it has been stopped but it has only just come into legislation and dogs that are already docked before should be aloud to run IMO

Lian said...

That's my favourite sweet BLACK LEG! She is absolutely gorgeous!!

Good luck with the try-outs! I am sure you will sail through easily with the girls and to all other OBays!

Lorna said...

Good Luck for the try-outs :)

Wizz is lovely.

I agree re the docking - such a shame to stop the already docked dogs from competing.

Lorna and long-tailed Cadbury!

Johanna said...

Not only is Wizz gorgeous, she also has a fantastic personality and temperament :o) I met her just over a month ago -she is absolutely stunning :o)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...:-) Wizz is one gorgous puppy!!! Good luck at world champ tryouts.
Sophie & Lil' Dash.