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Saturday, July 28, 2007

More WC Practice

Lisa came over Friday and we set this jumping course. The problem is that it takes so long just to set the course. Zen and Chi ran in perfectly the first time. Hex needed a little more work as she thought the back of #16 was better than #4. We set it up and ran it as if there was no space to get in between the wings of jumps 6/7. I do not know if it was set up like that but I would think it must have been.

I went to the gym 3x this week. I love the gym I love the gym I love the gym....bleh.

We went to the Agility club show today and I did nuttin all day in the results department. Oh yeah a 4th in a fast jumping class with Zen. But suprisingly, Hex, the perfect one, actually had not ONE clear round! But I was pleased with all of her runs and was trying to run with purpose and not baby her. This resulted in a few errors, but overall she was a very good girl. Chi got a 3rd in the crufts medium singles and I think this should be good enough in points to get Lisa and Chi to Crufts! Yeah finally! He was a good boy today and ran clear in both of his classes.

Since Dennis is away and Lisa and Tony were camping at the show, I had to bring all 5 shelties with me to the show. This is not easy with the cars and crates we have and I felt bad for Hob-b, Pax and Jordan who got stuck in the car all day. I was able to put Pax and Hob-b in the puppy pen so they could spread out a little; but Jordan (at 12 years old) is still notorious for climbing out of pens. So she had to stay in the car crate. The worrying thing was that Jordan was not able to hold herself and actually wee'd in the crate. She has never done that since the day I got her at 2 years old. I am worried that she may have something brewing as she also has been drinking alot of water at one time. I have luckily never had an older dog with kidney problems but wonder if this is what is starting with her. I think I will take her into the vet this week and ask them to do some blood work on her. I am not ready to lose another one just yet! Yes I know that I am being pessimistic but I just have a gut feeling that she is not OK.

Back to the Agility Club show tomorrow and Hex's first championship class! Indy has a chance to finish his Championship if he wins it tomorrow! This should make him the youngest dog to become an Agility Champion in England! I think Zen may hold that "title" now but I have a feeling that Indy will be knocking her crown off! If Indy doesn't win then I hope that Hex does! Either way; lets hope for a good OBay result!

Me and the dogs (how's that for good grammar) are very tired now. Gotta be up early tomorow!


Johanna said...

Good luck tomorrow....! And kisses to Jordan :o)
Johanna & co

Dennis said...

I'm rooting for you from across the pond. Sorry that I'm not going to be there to photo, video and just share the day with you. Love Dennis