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Monday, July 23, 2007

Newlands Agility Show

I have started back to the gym! I feel so out of shape; all I could do was about 1/2 hour walking on the treadmill and 15 minutes on the bike. And I felt wiped out after that! sigh....I will persevere. I LOVE the gym, I LOVE the gym, I LOVE the gym....yeah right...bleh

It was a rough start to the agility weekend when quite a few agility shows were cancelled due to the rain and flooding. I am very happy that our house and family are fine after seeing some of the photos from other people. Missing an agility show is no big deal compared to the devastation of the floods on some peoples homes. I will deal with the little bit of water in my garden! (and try not to complain too much!)

I was looking forward to Newlands as it is such a local show. Saturday was cancelled because the showgrounds were just too wet. Dennis is away in the US so I just puttered around the house doing some housework and a little agility training with Zen and Hex. Sue called and said that Newlands was on for Sunday so I headed out to Cranleigh showgrounds on Sat afternoon to help set a few courses. I brought Hob-b along by herself to give her a special afternoon out. She doesn't get a whole lot of individual attention so I try to bring her with me to as many places by herself as I can. She is such an easy going dog.

Newlands went ahead on Sundy and the sun shines on the righteous! It was beautiful weather; sunny and breezy. Just perfect! We had to park far away from the rings because they needed to save the soft ground from being churned up. I looked at this as a extra session at the gym....ha!

I was pretty pleased with all my runs with Zen and Hex. I did not bring the video camera since Dennis is away, but Lian videoed a few of our runs. You can see them on her blog at
Knights Shelties. Thanks Lian! The funny thing is that I was determined to attack the jumping course and thought I did. But when I watched the videos it looked like I was prancing around! Some people look so athletic when they run but I just look like I am taking a big of a stroll. AND I really thought I was running! As usual, Zen and Hex did their jobs beautifully and won their jumping classes. Zen also won her agility class and Hex came second on hers. I may not be able to run but I CAN train a dog! haha

Dennis will be in the US for two weeks. He is searching high and low in California for a new pair of Crocs for me!


Sarah and Leslie said...

Poor Dennis, fancy sending your husband away for 2 weeks just to look for a new pair of crocs!

Lian said...

A good handler does not need to be atheletic like but you need to keep up with your gym for the World Champ! Zen is so fast (and springy) and sharp, I just like to watch her runs. If you can run faster, woo hoo, she will become unbeatable!! So, more gym!!

Andy & Nancy said...

I'm sorry Sarah & Leslie but CROCS really are that important. Being without the man for two weeks is nothing compared with being with our CROCS. PERIOD. You guys really need to get your priorities sorted! Will talk more about this at the next show so I can explain properly the significance of this superior footwear. You will be converted. I know your little one has CROCS but you guys need to get sorted with them too!

Andy & Nancy said...

I think your results speak for themselves! Keep on doing what you're doing (but do it faster!) Tee hee!