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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Even more Scotland!

On Wednesday night the Charity competition was a "Flying Weave marathon". Again it was run head to head in a knockout run simultaneously over two identical courses consisting of jump- weave- jump. They increased the length of the weaves as the competition progressed. They started with 24 weaves and then increased it in 6 weave increments until 36.

Originally they were going to split the competition into large dogs and small/medium dogs. But since there were only 3 small or mediums competing they asked if we would mind competing against the big dogs. Liz (from the Isle of Mann)with her little JRT and I said that was OK.

This competition was easier on the handler (me!) but harder on the dogs. Again Hex and Zen progressed thru each stage. There were around 40 dogs competing. When we got to the 36 weave pole stage Hex was competing against a very large Belgian Terv. We set out against the Terv and, believe it or not, they called a tie as it was so close. They asked us to re-run to try and break the tie. At that point I felt that it was too much for Hex (she had just done 24, 30 and 36 poles) and bowed out of the competition with her and let the Terv go on.

I continued with Zen and we ended up in the final two running against....you guessed it.. the belgian terv! HAHA The Terv won by a hair, Zen was second and a border collie was third.

It was a fun competitition and a nice way to proof weave poles with excitement!

We stayed on at the show site in Scotland until Thursday morning's training session was over. Then we packed it up and drove 1/2 way down and stopped overnite at a Caravan club site in Uttoxeter. The site was nice (although the shower block was not as nice as previous ones) and it was right next to the racecourse. Really RIGHT NEXT to the racecourse and if you were there on race days the horses would be zooming by your caravan! As there were no races on we just had acres and acres of grass to walk the dogs.

Friday we drove the rest of the way down to Newbury to settle down for the UKA agility show and the Royal Canine Finals on Saturday night. The funniest part of that was that we got to Newbury showgrounds, drove in and just stopped.....there was NO ONE there! Panic set in and I started panicking that I was at the wrong place. Maybe it was at another site and I just assumed it was at Newbury? I tried calling Lisa but she wasn't around. We decided to turn around and head out to the stores and come back later...maybe we were just early? Luckily as we went to turn out of the showgrounds Dennis noticed the tiniest sign pointing down the road. It turns out that the UKA show was at a field across the road! In all the years of going to Newbury I never knew that there was another field across the road!

Panic over! We set up the caravan and relaxed for the night. More about the UKA Royal Canine finals later!


Lian said...

The weaves are just wonderful! CAn you teach my boys to weave like you girls?

Karen said...

very impressive weaves !!

Anonymous said...

Spooner and Jiffy want to race those tri girls of yours thru the poles - what fun!


Lorna said...

Fab weaves, Well Done and the final was very close!

I would like to have a go at that!

Lorna x