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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Latest WC course

I have gotten over the euphoria of Hex's winning her first ticket and now back to setting more courses for Zen and Hex.

This was the latest course Lisa (and Tony) helped me set up tonight. I haven't run it yet; planning to do it tomorrow afternoon after some lessons in the morning.

Johanna and crew (2 border collies and 2 shelties) come in tomorrow night. I am looking forward to her coming but wonder what the house will be like with 4 more dogs! Well more like 5 more dogs as the Spooky-spookster counts as at least 2 dogs! We are off to Aylesbury on Saturday and then a day off on Sunday to celebrate Lisa's birthday. Dennis comes home on Saturday morning after a night flight from New York. Hopefully he will be bringing home lots of pressies including my new PINK crocs!


Karen said...

course looks good and just keep an eye on those PINK Crocs as you never know; they might just wander off to find a new home :0)))

Andy & Nancy said...

Yes, I like the look of that course. Some of the European courses I don't fancy at all but that one looks good.

Pink crocs. How very dare you!

Lorna said...

Interesting course - I think I would struggle (not my dogs!) 8-9 as they might try and nip back into the pipe!

Have a good Birthday Celebration for Lisa :)

Lorna x

Lian said...

Hopefully I can have a go next week on that course! I bet I will get E'd from the beginning!!

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Looking forward to trying the course out and settng another one for praticing. HOpe it all pays off for you at worlds & us all at KC international

Katie said...

Aren't crocs just brilliant? I couldn't live without mine.

What a fantastic blog, well done on all of your recent results; really amazing!

Katie, Pops and Jet