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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Zen puppy dog treats!

Can you believe there are dog treats called "ZENPUPPY"??!!

I got a great box of pressies this morning from my friend Eleanor. And in the box were these boxes of "ZEN puppy" dog treats. Well these Zen puppies decided they liked them and tried to open them. We couldn't resist these photos. Do you think the company that makes them would like to sponsor us?

Black leg tries her hardest to open the box...and she is not too thrilled with the lack of results!

Meanwhile Zeus (aka Tony) just poses for his adoring fans.

And Mr. Pickle really liked the box that the pressies came in!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Yeap the company should defo sponsor all Zen pups.......

Anonymous said...

Hi bernadette

Your pups are GORGEOUS!!!!
Happy Christmas to you all,

Bridget and the shelties