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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Darn cute puppies and some good news!

The pups had two days at home with Dennis this weekend while I did agility things. Yesterday, they had their first outing outside and spend a short time in the pen in the garage while Dennis did some work. Pickle decided to make a break for it, but found that he wasn't strong enough to break the metal bars.....

Dennis tried again to take them outside today on the deck, but it was way too cold and windy. They all just howled and cried. I don't blame them, the weather was horrible today.

This is "Dot". She is so far the biggest of the litter. But we don't like to remind her of this. She is very sensitive and likes to say "I am not fat, I am just fluffy". If you are wondering why there is a milk bottle next to her...we put pennies in plastic bottles and shake them around. This generally causes chaos as the puppies bark and attack the bottle. The new owners are usually suprised at the puppies enthusiasm for plastic water and milk bottles!

This is "Tony". He is so far the littlest of the litter and tends to look like a little wind-up toy. In this photo he is trying to communicate with an alien-being.

What is the good news? Hob-b is pregnant!! We decided to breed Hob-b to Chi now instead of waiting until next year as we have a busy year planned. I was unsure if Hob-b would get pregnant as she came in season while we were away on holiday, so we did not know what day she was in her season when she was bred. I had not seen any signs of pregnancy early on, so I was doubtful that she was pregnant. But when we came home on Thursday after not seeing her for 2 weeks, it was obvious that she has puppies! She is such a little cutie, so reminiscent of Jordan with her sweetness and gentleness. I am very excited to see what Hob-b and Chi produce!

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