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Friday, December 22, 2006


Well the puppies have all been assigned! Phew! And some have names already. Hopefully they will all be going to their new homes next week. It will be so exciting to watch them grow and develop. They have alot to live up to but I have no doubt they will all excel in whatever they do.

Carmella will now and forever be known as "Zoe" OBay Catch A Rising Star. She will be the second OBay Sheltie to be living with Peggy. Peggy also owns Timmy who is Zen's brother. So Timmy will have his little niece coming to live with him. I looked up the name Zoe on the internet and it means "life" in greek. What a special name.

Tony will soon be known as "Zeus" and will be headed to Denmark to live on the most gorgeous farm out in the country It was at this farm that his grandmother, True, did some chicken hunting and .....well let's say it wasn't pretty! He will be spoiled by Kirsten and Gert and will be joining three other shelties and one border collie. Kirsten is a fabulous trainer and Zeus will be trained in agility and obedience. He doesn't have a registered name yet.

More names to come soon!

Hob-b and her little boy continue to improve. Our little brown boy has gained another ounce and is 9 ounces! Woo-hoo! It is such a relief when they start gaining weight and thriving. We can start the neurological stimulation tomorrow. I now have to start pushing him around like his littermates would, making him work to hold onto the nipple. Otherwise he will get lazy about nursing and get very fat!

This week the puppies are doing more trips out and about. Today Tony and Pickle took a ride into Billingshurst with Lisa. She took each one out separately and walked them thru the parking area and up near the stores. They met new people and walked on a lead and collar for the first time. She said both did well and acted confident. Tomorrow Dennis and I will take the girls out one at a time into town and walk them around. It is time consuming, but worth it to take them out individually and see how they react.

Also this weekend the pups will be their first baths, blow dry and grooming. We are hoping to get some cute christmas photos with them. That should be interesting as the 5 hooligans don't understand "stay" yet!

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