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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pups last day at home

We have had a busy couple of days. I had hoped to post photos of the pups and their new owners but have not had a chance to edit the photos yet. A bout of food poisoning has kept me out of action for a few days. I am very grateful that I got sick AFTER the puppies went! And I am even MORE grateful for the NHS and our local doctors. We have doctors who can come to your home at night! 3 am in the morning and feeling like you are dying in bed from pain and those doctors and their drugs are like heaven! Bless the pharmaceutical companies!

I am just up and around today and thought I would post some photos of the pups last day together at my house. For the pup's last three days with us we finally got some good weather and the pups were able to be outside and playing. They each got some good running around the garden individually with Hob-b who is a great playmate. They played a little with Zen, but Zen is a bit rough with them. Mostly they played together in the puppy pen and on their little kids ramp.

The pups loved to play chase games and king of the mountain on this children's slide. It was the best boot sale find!

Hob-b was the best playmate for these puppies. She is so sweet and gentle, I had no fears she would hurt the pups at all.

Oz just looking adorable! During his last few days at home he was "Pickle" when he was naughty and "Oz" when he was good.


Andy & Nancy said...

Hope you're feeling much better now. Thank you for our lovely Kizzy, she is a credit to you and Dennis.

Love from
Andy, Nancy, Kizzy & the Collies .... oh & Murphy

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Another litter goes out into the world!
It's gonna seems strange coming round and not being mobbed by 5 bundles of fur - hurry up fat boy and start running round we got lots of fun to have b 4 U go!